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What is a Career Path of the Most In-demand Workers of Offshore Oil Rigs?

by Staff Writer
11 Feb 2020 at 14:05hrs | Views
Can you imagine it: the world consumes over 100 million barrels of oil every day!

Unbelievable, but:
According to US Energy Information Administration statistics, global demand for oil products grows each year, in spite of the expansion of alternative (renewable) energy.

It increases the market for fuel production. Jobs in the oil and gas industry keep developing and diversifying. Challenging the employees with difficult working conditions, this competitive industry guarantees to give them the most financially and emotionally rewarding experiences.

Oil rig positions and salaries have always been attractive for candidates with both high school and engineering degrees.
And the industry has always offered extremely rewarding careers to everyone ready to work hard and grow professionally.

How To Get Into Oil And Gas Production?

What can be done in advance to find good open oil ring positions?
How to market yourself to the hiring managers?
What if you don't have any related job experiences?

In case you're a newbie, these step-by-step tips and instructions will significantly increase your chances to get a dream job in the oil and gas industry:

  • Do a Thorough Research
Find out as much as possible about the companies you consider as prospective employment opportunities. The more you know, the higher your chances of getting the job are.
Having researched the companies thoroughly, you automatically improve your responses during the job interview along with targeting your cover letter and making it more individualized and adjusted to the specific company's requirements and values.

  • Consider Different Options
Don't neglect to apply for several different oil rig positions, including the ones you don't really like.

Any entry-level job can be a good start for your career. Even apprenticeship and internship are a great idea - at least, to get the necessary experience, build a powerful CV, and interest the company in yourself as a highly-motivated, hardworking, ready to grow employee.
Also, consider permanent or temporary relocation.
In other words, BE FLEXIBLE and keep all the options on the table!

  • Contact the Hiring Manager
This piece of advice stems from the previous one:
Since entry-level jobs are sometimes the only way to get started in an offshore oil and gas company, they can be not posted on the job websites and in the local media.
It's definitely worth to get in touch with an HR through email or phone directly to check up the vacancies or the status of your application.
Besides, if you know somebody working in the oil and gas industry, contact them to find out more information about the company from the inside, get some tips on improving your chances of being hired.

  • Market Yourself
Even if you don't have any special qualifications, you still have a pretty good chance to get a dream job in the oil and gas industry.
Thus, your task is to learn how to market yourself and demonstrate your strengths in front of your prospective employer:
  • Build and customize your CV to every position individually
  • Emphasize all the experiences that can relate to oil rig work
  • Write a powerful cover letter
  • Brush up your job interview techniques
  • Learn to present yourself professionally
  • Demonstrate your ability to work hard and learn fast

  • Try to Gain Some Related Experience
No wonder, it's much easier and faster to get the dream job in one of the major oil and gas companies like Chevron, Shell or ExxonMobil if you have some related experience.
Take some training courses, study the engineering STEM subjects, take part in apprentice schemes provided by most companies before applying to jobs in the oil and gas industry again.

How Much Do Offshore Oil Rig Workers Make
Oil rig positions and salaries have always been a magnet for applicants throughout the world. Which is not surprising at all if taking the fact that an average yearly offshore oil rig salary is $72,448.

The pay is ranging from $195,500 to $22,000 per year depending on your college degree (degrees in geology, engineering, chemistry, etc are preferred), related experiences, and specialized skills.

Here are some more numbers within specific categories of jobs in the oil and gas industry:

  • Engineers, Scientists
    (Petroleum engineers, geophysicists, geological and petroleum technicians)
    $75,000 - $140,000
  • Petroleum Pump and System Operators
    $65,000 - $70,000
  • Equipment Operators
    (Service unit operators, derrick operators, rotary drill operators)
    $45,000 - $65,000
  • Extraction Crew
    (Roustabouts, frontline supervisors of extraction workers, extraction helpers)
    $40,000 - $100,000
  • HSE Manager
    $75,000 - $145,000
  • Drilling Supervisor
    $130,000 - $185,000

The Role Of Engineers In Oil And Gas Industry
Engineers are the pillars of the oil and gas industry as a whole. Qualified engineers are guaranteed to get a good oil rig position along with a high salary.
Check up this guide of Engineer vacancies in demand:
  • Pipeline Engineers
Offshore and onshore workers, who design and install a network of pipes.
  • Gas Engineers
In charge of gas systems and appliances installation, repairing, and monitoring.
  • Subsea Engineers
Work with mechanical systems under the sea (technical analysis, research, and building different equipment).
  • Refining Engineers
Responsible for oil refineries design and installation, as well as maintenance of their condition. They work with CAD (computer-aided design).
  • Petroleum Engineers
Help maximize hydrocarbon recovery from the ground and minimize the negative effects on the environment.
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Completion Engineers
Work on the maximization of oil and gas production.
  • Drilling Engineers
Implementing drilling programs, wells design, coordination and analysis of the team performance.
  • Production Engineers

No doubt,
The oil and gas industry is growing every day, despite the development of renewable sources of energy in the meantime.
If you are thinking of embarking on a successful career, don't waste a minute and start following this guide.
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