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Durawall company launches new pre-stressed steel concrete panel

by Business Reporter
07 Mar 2017 at 16:44hrs | Views
Dura World the leading construction company which specialises in precast walls/durawalls and precast houses have done it again. Dura World successfully launched a new type of precast panel which is called a pre-stressed steel concrete panel, the first of it's in Zimbabwe.

This new product has changed the game in terms of precast walling, it's bigger, better and stronger than your average and normal durawall. From first glimpse, you will see that this wall is indeed innovative and strong. This exciting new product is available in two types the Soldier Wall and Horizontal Wall.

Speaking about this pioneering new project the Sales Manager of Dura World Mr Stephan Kahonde said "When we started this project we wanted to give our clients something unique and different. Our research and development ran a lot of tests to perfect this product, we know that there is a lot of competition out there but we are serious about quality and this product is first of this kind."

Dura World has helped many individuals, businesses, non-governmental organisation, churches and schools build their prefabricated over the years. With a team of experienced engineers, technicians and builders they are offering Zimbabweans a chance to build their dream homes whilst living at their stands in the form of precast houses. Mr Kahonde added that "We believe that families with their stands should be able to build their dream homes comfortably in an affordable and safe prefab house. When you have a family, you shouldn't be bossed around by a landlord when you have your own stand lying idle somewhere" To find out more about Dura World visit their website or their offices in Tynwald next to N. Richards Group wholesalers.

Source - Agencies