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Telecel here to stay, says CEO

by Staff Reporter
17 May 2017 at 20:18hrs | Views
Ladies and Gentlemen; good evening

It gives me great pleasure to welcome so many distinguished guests to the Telecel cocktail.  First and foremost, I would like to thank the Honourable Minister of ICT, Postal & Courier Services, Hon. SC Mandiwanzira for accepting our invitation to grace this occasion, we are very delighted and honoured by your presence.

Today is an important day for Telecel and our valued customers. Today is the day we boldly announce to the world that Telecel is here to stay, the day we announce to the world that we are 100% behind you our stakeholders and that we will continue to be the company and the brand that offers value 100% of the time.

The theme of today's briefing is "Here for you 100%" this one line neatly sums up what Telecel is and has always been about. We have built our brand around you our customers and ensuring that our innovative offerings bring value and convenience to you in a consistent and sustainable way. Even when things have been tough we have always put you first through a business model that is customer-centric in its make-up and being. I am here to reinforce that promise to you tonight - Telecel is here for you 100% through affordable value offers.

Our brands, promotions and offerings are also designed to meet this heart-felt promise. Take for instance the recently reintroduction MegaBonus, our voice promotion that gives 100% bonus across all networks and across all recharge denominations of a dollar or more. Mega bonus benefits are to be received instantly upon a successful recharge there is no need for you to opt-in. I think you all agree that's real value!

Apart from MegaBonus our popular and unmatched voice offering we also recently launched MegaBoost a combo package that boosts the value of your dollar by offering not just voice to our pre-paid subscribers but adds on data, text, and what's up access.  The package gives you the freedom to use your data as you please, be it on twitter, facebook or Instagram. Telecel is indeed the network of choice!

For the captains of industry and business owners, I am delighted to highlight that we have Telecel business a package that is designed to meet the communication needs of Small to medium enterprises, Corporates, clubs and any other institutions.  The contract based packages have attractive benefits that include but are not restricted to unlimited local calls, bonus text, voice and data.  Listen to this, it also give choice to go on prepaid or continue on post-paid. Telecel Business  comes with a closed user group functionality whereby members of that group can make calls within the group for free, thereby reducing your business telephone bill.  And in turn reducing your operational costs and improving your bottom line.

In support of financial inclusion, Telecel has also been continuously improving Telecash which comes with the Telecel gold card that enables holders to swipe for cash and make payments on all ZimSwitch enabled point of sale machines.  In addition, with the Telecash's banking service, from your Telecash registered mobile phone you are able to send money to 13 banks and other mobile networks as well transfer money as from the same banks to your phone. With the Telecash application pay for ZESA, TelOne, Insurance, city council bills and even your tithes and offering.

I have a lot more to share but that would be unfair of me as it will take the whole night. Let me share this story about this CEO, who was on the podium and rambled on and on and guests started leaving except for only one guest. After his speech he went to the guest and said thank you for seating through the speech I know you appreciated it.  The guest replied, I would have gone as well were it not that I was waiting for my microphone.

 In closing let me just say, in response to your demands, we have lined up a number of new exciting and innovative products and services which we will be bringing to you very soon.  For these and other products, please feel free to mingle with our Telecel staff, sign up for service or upgrade to the exciting Telecel business. What more we can even match your current competitor number tonight.

I thank once gain for gracing this occasion, please go ahead and tell someone about Telecel.

Source - Byo24News