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ZBC should be listed on the Stock exchange - Fengu

by Stephen Jakes
05 Sep 2017 at 07:04hrs | Views
A Zanu PF youth activist Fidelis Fengu has said in his opinion ZBC should be list on the stock exchange and allow private individuals and entities to bring fresh funds, ideas and business models to the corporation. He said ZBC should be turning a huge profit and paying substantial dividends to government.

"ZBC could be broadcasting their business news from the ZSE , and actually provide content and feeds to CNBC, Bloomberg , Business Day TV etc," Fengu said.

"There is more that could be done with the public broadcaster than propaganda. A profitable ZBC can fund its own expansion , and become more relevant throughout the SADC region The ruling party Zanu PF , can actually benefit from a profitable ZBC. If the party wants an audio visual mouthpiece then it can create one."

He said let Zanu PF have a Zanu PF TV and radio station , the party can afford it, and let ZBC be profitable.

"ZIMPAPERS stock is doing well under the circumstances and it is a profitable entity. The same could be done with ZBC. Va Charamba , Dep Minister Mathuthu and Dr. Mushowe I will bet you all kuti if you seriously look into this you would have solved a number of problems at ZBC , you will create more jobs with better pay, and above all you will enable the station to tell the Zimbabwean story in better quality , more reach and profitably too," said Fengu.

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