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IntlTech - Helping your business succeed

by Staff writer
21 Dec 2020 at 23:08hrs | Views
IntlTech is a digital marketing and web development company based in Toronto, Canada. We have got a professional team of online marketers, web developers, designers, SEO specialists, content managers, and tech support guys who do the things they love and know what your business needs. In the fascinating and complicated world of business marketing and online promotion, we will become your digital guide to success. Let us tell you more about our company and the things we do.

 Digital marketing
Among the services we provide are search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (FB, Instagram, etc.), targeting and retargeting advertising, email marketing, PPC ads, and offline marketing strategies.

Don't know what channel you should choose? Don't worry. We are interested in results and your success. To make sure we take benefit out of every coin you spend on the promotional campaign, we will start with a careful analysis of your business, a niche where you operate, and target audience.

One of the greatest benefits of our team in this sphere is that we practice a cross-channel marketing strategy. What does it mean? We will unite and interrelate a few promotional channels to hit the common goal.

The team of our creative designers believes that design is more than colors and fonts. It is the aesthetic perception that may visually carry to the visitors the message and concept of your brand. Can you disagree with them? We can't.

Trends and styles are great, but we believe that an individual approach is key. No templates. No stereotypes. To create a design that matches your idea of how you would like your corporate or eCommerce website, business card, email template, or even general branding to look, we will understand the message of your company you carry to the business world, analyze the market and competitors, and offer a unique personalized solution. Of course, we will negotiate with you all the details starting with the logo to the color shades of the texts.

Web development

This is where a real magic starts. Although it is the most complicated part of the creation of a website, it is the most fascinating and interesting. Front-end and back-end development make the buttons and animations alive on the website and allow the actual interaction between your website, server, and the user.

The key here is usability and user-orientation. Our developers will make sure they fulfill all the designers' ideas, your wishes but make it all convenient, easy, and comprehensive for the website visitors. What is the sense of a modern and attractive website with strange navigation and a complicated menu where the potential customer cannot even figure out how to find the things he/she is looking for?

Our task is to make the complicated things easy, understandable for the average user, and create a website that attracts and sells.

Technical support

Everything we have mentioned before is based on the successful and smooth performance of the website. Technical support is like four whales for your effective marketing campaign, positive customers' experience, a boost in sales, and a trustworthy online reputation. Bugs, technical errors, and slow page loading speed are the worst enemies of any business, planning to scale online. That is why our IT guys are ready to guard your website day and night to make sure it works as smoothly as on the first day.

Do you feel the benefit? You would not have to open the technical department and hire more staff, you can simply delegate this duty to IntlTech and relax, always knowing that your website and online business are in safe hands.

Why IntlTech rocks?

With such a variety of marketing and IT companies on the Canadian market, you may ask a logical question - why choose IntlTech? We will not claim that we are professional and creative (as a well-known template states). But we will say that we love what we do and really care about the success of our clients. We are dedicated and focused on the results. IntlTech wants to help. We are not afraid of challenges. We learn and take lessons every time we do something new.

IntlTech is a nonstandard solution for your business. If you are looking for an actual result, reliability, and stable cooperation - you are in the right place. IntlTech - an expert in digital marketing and web development in Toronto, Canada.

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