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Safeguard introduces exciting mobile phone-operated wireless alarm

by Agencies
19 Mar 2024 at 12:44hrs | Views
Safeguard has introduced an exciting new security alarm system that is wireless, easy to use, operated from your phone, with a physical back-up on site, and super easy to navigate and use at home or on the go.

It allows the addition of cameras and fire, smoke and flood alarm switches on the one security control platform.

Statistics show that those who use their alarm and other security systems suffer less loss from robbery and theft than those who do not.
However, many people leave their property without arming their alarm system or only switch it on late at night rather than switching it on and excluding, through a bypass option, areas of the house that are in use.

"A common reason given for not arming their alarm system is that it requires being on site to arm and disarm it. Some people find using a keypad for control is difficult.

"However, security system technology has changed rapidly over the last few years enabling Safeguard to introduce this new alarm system called Ajax, which enables you to operate the system from your cellphone," Safeguard Alarms managing director Reason Chitiva said.

"You can bypass parts of your house where you or your family are and arm the system to protect the rest of the house, all from the comfort of where you are, whether at home or far away from home," he added.

A variety of devices can be added to the core system at any time. Where cameras have been included it is possible to check and see what is happening at home or the office at any time using the system's mobile phone app.

"Safeguard has offered wireless security systems before but the Ajax system is the latest most up to date system on the market and is a significant step ahead in ease of use and practical application," Mr Chtiva said.

"Being a wireless system has many advantages. It is easy and quick to install. There are no unsightly wires connecting devices. The system can easily be moved to new premises if you move home or office.

"Existing alarm system devices  can be integrated with the Ajax system within an hour. Additional sensors can be added as needed and are aesthetically pleasing, making them part of the home's decor," he said.

Dual monitoring is standard, as in addition to the regular radio signal to Safeguard Response, the system also sends signals via the internet.

"Wireless alarm systems are easy to install and configure, high-tech and reliable. Ajax-based security systems resist signal jamming and provide your premises with a high-level of protection," Mr Chitiva said.

"One of the great things about Ajax is that, if you have an alarm system already, you can easily upgrade it to obtain all the benefits immediately without buying a whole new alarm system.

"The Ajax alarm security system not only protects your premises by alerting you to the presence of intruders and enabling you to see what is happening from wherever you are but can be used as a combined integrated security and home automation system," he added.

"Typical additions for customers to date have been the connection of CCTV and alarms to the one system and adding control of the electric gate, swimming pool pump timings, booster pumps for water pressure to premises, replacing manual valves on water tanks with an electronic device so that water tanks  can be turned on and off as needed and most recently the control of taps on the premises to prevent misuse of water and the control of garden sprays.

"This really is a wonderfully easy to use system that delivers a lifestyle change to your security and premises management,  with easy steps to enable times to be added for certain activities  such as  turning pumps and alarms on and off automatically," he said.

"You don't have to link up all devices at initial installation. You can add more devices to the system at any time. Fire or flood warning sensors can also be added," he said.

 He went on to say the Ajax alarm system is not dependent on mains electricity as it  operates on long-life lithium batteries that only require replacing after three years or longer.

"The mobile application allows two-way communication for you to track the status of the system's elements such as the charge level. Users are alerted if the battery needs replacing or if there is loss of communication with any of the sensors," he said.

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