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Nando's advert disses quail birds (Chihuta)

by Staff Reporter
08 May 2016 at 07:48hrs | Views
Local food outlet Nando's has released an advert dissing the quail bird that has become a sought-after delight in Zimbabwe.

In a typical, humor-filled Nando's fashion, the ad blasts the quail as an "overrated sidechick" and on it's Twitter handle, the eatery calls it an "impostor among us."

The bird known as "Isigwaca/Chihuta" in local lingo has become a hit in the country, a milieu which has seen a sizable number of farmers breeding the bird for sale.

Its eggs are also believed to have nutritional and medical value. The government yesterday encouraged locals to breed the bird after claims that the local Wildlife Management personnel had banned its breeding.

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