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Fall of the rand a sign of Zim economy recovery- Social commentator

by Stephen Jakes
21 Sep 2015 at 16:28hrs | Views
A social commentator, William Nyarayi Shoriwa has claimed that the fall of rand versus the US Dollar was a sign that Zimbabwe's economy was on a recovery path despite the fact that the US dollar is not a Zimbabwean currency.

"People can say what ever they say about the Zimbabwean Economy but truly speaking signs of recovery are starting to show up," he said.

"The biggest sign to it is the fall of the Rand. South African basic goods industry has been affected since the collapse of our industry South African firms had celebrated this. Tonnes and tonnes of South African manufactured detergents and cooking oil was getting into Zimbabwe per day."

He said now that Zimbabwe's industry has started production and the government moved to protect this very imaging industry by forbidding imports of this type the Rand just dropped.

"What is now needed is this industry to reclaim its regional export position then we could start to see it by our eyes that we are moving," he said.

"But most importantly our government should not loose sight this industry needs raw materials and these raw materials are mostly agro-materials. Full support should be given to the farmer. Support should not only come in inputs support No. Give a fisherman fishing net not fish to sell. Our farmers should be educated and better equipped to shame our detractors."

Shoriwa said this so called irrigation and mechanisation ministry should now be operational not be just a monumental ministry.

"If deserts in Libya and Israel were turned into green-lands which can produce for the world what could be our excuse in Zimbabwe. We had passed the phase of taking land from our colonisers now let's shame them by production," he said.

"This thing off putting special emphasis on tobacco and politicising Agricultural activities should end. It should be understood that our Economy is Agro based and everything comes after. People should not own land for pride its either you produce or move out. Any Revolution can be hijacked by opportunists and likewise the land reform cannot be spared. Some people got land but spend their time pouching and drinking bear."

He said when its election time they are good sloganeering bastards and It is now time to put them to order.

"Otherwise this program could be a wasted time. But more so the government should move quickly to equip our farmers. Zimbabwe is a blessed country we have enough water. We have enough water both underground and in reservoirs lets tape it and use it for good," he said.

"This one should be government's top priority. We are having unnecessary imports because we are concentrating too much on politics at the expense of development. We have chosen our own style that is unique and good that our Economy should be in our hands let us put our whole effort on this."

Source - Byo24News