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Process Maps for Small Business: It doesn't have to be difficult or complicated

by Agencies
21 Jun 2018 at 09:01hrs | Views
As a business owner, you must have heard of process maps. You must have also considered how this can help you realise your goals. It is normal that you might feel somewhat intimidated about implementing process maps. Contrary to what others may think, process maps are not difficult to make. There are straightforward steps you can follow that will help you simplify the process of process mapping.

Three Steps to Creating Process Maps

If you search online for steps on how to create a process map, you will get hundreds of results and you won't know where to start. To simplify the process, here are three steps you can follow:
  1. Understand the process. The hardest part is understanding the process, not drawing it out. When you have a clear understanding of the process, it will be easier to draw a process map. It helps to make a draft by using post-its, a whiteboard, or pen and paper. You can take photos of your draft so as not to lose any vital details later on. If it helps, you can use tables to list down inputs and outputs. This data can be used later on when finalising the process map.
  2. Ask yourself vital questions. There are important questions you need to answer so that you can narrow down the details you need for each process map. First, what deliverables do you produce? You must explicitly identify the products or services you produce. Second, what are your inputs? This pertains to what is required in order to produce your deliverables. Third, how do you produce your deliverables? You must describe in detail the process involved in producing your deliverables. Lastly, who uses what I produce? This is important to open up communication channels and lessen departmental boundaries.
  3. Start using mapping tools. Once you have identified each aspect needed in making a process map, you can start using mapping tools. There are many process mapping tools available. Each one of these tools has varying degrees of usefulness. You can use free tools for trial mapping. When you have become more comfortable with navigating the tool, you can start using the information you have gathered to finalise your business process maps.

These basic steps can get you started in process mapping for your business. Always remember that before you start investing in a software tool, think about the cost and the overall usefulness of the tool. You can also gather input from your team so that you can prepare them for the implementation of process maps. There are competing software solutions for process mapping. Learn the basics first and then move on to finding the best fit for your company.

Source - Agencies