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Online casino on the rise in Africa

by Staff Writer
29 Jul 2019 at 13:03hrs | Views
Casinos were previously associated with Las Vegas, Nevada in the US but the trending is quickly spreading to various other parts in the world. African countries has not been left behind in the elite gambling industry. If you take a walk in the streets of top cities in Africa, you can hardly go without spotting casinos. The physical casinos have opened the way for online gambling where gamers can use their smartphones, PC, or laptops to experience the game of chances.

Mobile money payment
With the emergence of mobile money platforms, the transfer of stake to casino accounts has never been a challenge. Before the emergence of mobile money, various bank accounts were not allowing their customers to deposit money in their casino accounts via banks. By 2018 alone, Kenya's communication giant, Safaricom was offering its famous mobile money (M-Pesa) services in nineteen African nations.

With technology advancing and internet literacy on the rise in the continent, online casinos are mushrooming in Africa. In Kenya, for instance, the country has 28 casinos in physical locations that have given the gamers the knowledge of gambling. Furthermore, the East African nation has 11 bingo halls and three sportsbooks.

It's no longer a secret that Africa's gambling firms are nourishing more than other part of the globe. Sports betting is on a steady rise in the online platform, and each betting house is striving to own casino. The more the online betting firms emerge, the higher the creation of online casinos.

Traditionally, casinos were located in posh locations where a game had to be physically present to take part. The trend was consuming much time and reducing productivity in other activities since a gamer couldn't gamble and handle other tasks at the same time. With online casinos, one can stay in duty while gaming online without massively affecting productivity.

Impact of media promotion
Mainstream media have played a role in promoting casinos thus attracting new gamers in online casinos. Radios, TVs, and Newspapers have been used in advertising online casinos, thus netting more gamers.

With weak gambling legislation in numerous African states, online casinos and aspects of gambling are set to scale even higher. Unlike in the developed nation, betting firms are given unlimited media airtime to advertise their activities. Besides, failure by the lawmakers to enact more restrictions is creating a favorable working atmosphere to betting activities, online casinos included.

One the other hand, observers have pointed unemployment as one factor that helps online casinos to continue attracting the attention of young Africans. Many gamers do not just gamble for fun, but with the hope of alleviating their financial and economic misfortunes. If nothing is done about creating jobs for youths in the continent, young people will keep using their knowledge on their smartphones to see if windfalls may come on their ways.

Understandable, gambling can be addictive, so some sports betting players roost to online casinos when European leagues end. Most sports betting individuals use the knowledge they have about football to bet. When leagues like the famous Premier League conclude at the end of a season, they take their occupation to online casinos. Once adopting online casinos, the new gamers stay glued even after major leagues resume.

Online Casinos for Arabs
Even with strict Islamic laws, gamblers and betting firms are still succeeding in enticing the society to relive the betting experience. In the world, it's estimated that Arabic is among most spoken languages. With that statistic, online casinos are trying it all to target the sizable community via online casino for Arabs. Besides, Sharia Laws put fear on most Muslim faithful who would be condemned when seen physically gambling, so the Arab gamers find online casinos for conveniences.

Las Vegas is an example of a working online casino for Arabs in their convenient language. It means you'll not travel all the way to the US to join other gaming enthusiasts. 888 Casino is another house that has made it easy for Arabs to gamble in online casinos.

Lack of more restrictions in the gambling industry, more online casinos open shops and pay meager taxes. In the western world, gaming platforms are heavily taxed hence minimizing their further growth. South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe claim a significant percentage in the steadily rising online casino graph.

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