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TM Supermarket throws business ethics in the bin

by Stephen Jakes
21 Oct 2018 at 08:38hrs | Views
TM Supermarket has thrown business ethics away through the window into the garbage bin when the they introduced "conditional selling" by demanding customers to buy goods worth more than $15 for one to buy a 2litre cooking oil bottle, it has been learnt.

When the news crew visited the supermarket, the store's public address was addressing the customers about the conditional selling.

"Attention, attention cooking oil is available but one must buy goods worth more than $15 for one to buy a 2-litre bottle, even if you buy goods worth more than $100 you will only get one 2-litre bottle, we'll not entertain those who bought goods earlier!," said one TM staffer from the other end.

However customers, mainly women decried the supermarket order of conditional selling which was seen as a way of holding the nation at ransom.

"I came here yo buy a single 2-litre cooking oil bottle for $3.85,but this conditional selling is her bad order, where do they want us to buy to buy the commodity, most of us cannot afford hiked prices in Rimuka,this is very bad for a store like TM!" said one unidentified woman.

Another woman said TM was dicing with people,only to tell us the conditional selling order.

"If they do not want to service the community then they must waste our time,we have been here since morning only yo be told a condition!"said another unidentified woman
Some women also complained of corruption rife within the store as some were being allowed to buy more than a single 2-litre cooking oil bottle.

Contacted for comment TM Kadoma Branch Manager said that it was directive from head office in Harare.

Efforts to get more details on the order proved fruitless as TM General Manager, Mr Musara, was meeting.

Source - Byo24News