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Zimnat featured in top US magazine

by Zimnat
07 Dec 2018 at 09:22hrs | Views
Zimnat is featured on the cover of the latest Africa edition of Business Chief, a United States-based digital magazine for high ranking company executives, with a picture of its group chief executive, Mr Mustafa Sachak, dominating the cover.

In her welcome remarks, Business Chief editor-in-chief Sophie Chapman says Zimnat has recently focused on radical transformation, using technology as a key driver in its operations.

In an interview with the magazine, Mr Sachak said Zimnat has invested in data analytics to better understand its customers' experience. He said it would be increasing its investment in data analytics over the next 12 months in order to provide a loyalty reward platform.

In the long term, he said, Zimnat would like to be able to use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to move from protecting customers from risk with financial products to actually preventing the risk in the first place.

"Having the ability to use digital technologies to actually help prevent risk from occurring through making intelligent predictions, that would be completely game changing," he said.

He said Zimnat wanted to position itself as the first within its industry to create and implement a digital offering to customers in Zimbabwe.
When Zimbabwe fully embraces technology the insurance industry will be defined and driven by the customer, he said.
The digital journey on which Zimnat was embarking was all about understanding and improving the customer experience. It was in order to better understand that experience that Zimnat had invested in data analytics, Mr Sachak said.

He described data as the new gold. "Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence – technologies like these will enable us to leapfrog the competition," he said.
In order to turn data into real quantifiable value, Zimnat had implemented a number of dashboards readily accessible to internal staff and advisors.

"Through data analytics we can really personalise our service offering for customers, because not all customers will want the same insurance cover.

"Once you start to analyse that customer and look at how they engage with Zimnat, then we can offer solutions specific to them," Mr Sachak said.

"At the moment this is very generic but as we grow and the technology matures here in Zimbabwe there is incredible potential," he added.

Mr Sachak made it clear that he is passionate about data analytics and that Zimnat has invested in the right resources to support this data enablement and continue to better understand and improve the customer experience.

He said technology and digital platforms would enable Zimnat to reach many people who would never have been able to find Zimnat through traditional means.

Emphasising Zimnat's commitment to making life better, he said this started with educating people about insurance and changing the negative perception many people have about it.

He said Zimnat would continue to dive deeper into emerging technologies and assess how it could bring them into Zimnat and the Zimbabwean market.

Zimnat has just launched a self-service portal that enables customers and potential customers to obtain online quotations for short-term insurance policies, sign up for them and submit claims.

It has also just launched a chatbot named Musa, a form of artificial intelligence which responds personally and intelligently in real time to questions and queries posted online through Zimnat's website, Facebook page and Twitter.

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