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You need to avoid these things to attract the best medical staff

by Agencies
10 Dec 2018 at 10:54hrs | Views
Hiring the perfect medical staff does not only involve a tedious hiring process. Even if you are cautious in finding the right person for the job, if the pool of candidates is weak, you will still end up with the wrong choice. You need to be a reliable company in the first place to attract quality candidates. It is easy to screen the pool if you know that almost everyone seems qualified for the job.

You might think that job applicants today will keep submitting resumes in the hope that someone will call them back. However, these applicants are also picky in determining which company to apply to. They read the job description first and find out if the company is reputable. Therefore, if you can’t attract them, it is a waste of talent. You need to avoid doing these things if you want the right people to work for you.

High turnover rate

Employees leave their jobs for several reasons. In many cases, the employee decides to resign. In some instances, they fail to do the job, and the employer decides to fire them. However, it is terrible if the turnover rate is high. It shows that the company has a weak employee selection process, so they end up with terrible applicants whom they will end up firing. It is also a sign that the work environment might not be good enough, as many employees decide to leave.

Lengthy hiring process

It is not wrong to set high standards in hiring medical staff to work with you. The problem is when the standards are too high, and you go through a long process before hiring someone. Besides, some of the candidates will also have applied to other companies. If you keep them waiting, they might accept a job offer elsewhere. They know their capability, and they won't settle for someone who does not value them enough and keeps them waiting too long.

Unclear job description

Applicants read job descriptions posted before they submit their resumes. Don't worry if the description seems too long and detailed. For people who care about the kind of job they will have, the description matters. Therefore, you need to inform the potential candidates what you want for someone to fill the position and what you expect from them once hired. It is also an excellent way to eliminate bad candidates before the process commences. Candidates who feel that they are not suited for the job won't apply.

You need to be wise in determining how you will go through the job interview and recruitment process. It can be tricky because you want only the most qualified candidates, and at the same time, you don’t want to keep people waiting. The good thing is that you can now hire a physician recruiter or medical staff recruitment firm to do the job. Let them know what you want in a candidate, and they will search for you.

Source - Agencies