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Why is Apple failing to gain a foothold in Africa?

by Staff Writer
29 Sep 2021 at 11:50hrs | Views
Africa is one of the primary targets of tech companies, who view the continent as the world's largest emerging market. As internet accessibility spreads across the vast lands, a greater number of people are purchasing smartphones for the first time to get online. However, one of the world's greatest tech giants is failing to make its presence felt across Africa. Apple only accounts for a small minority of the smartphone market, with budget options from other providers ruling the roost.

Do Africans Need State of the Art Options?
When it comes to state-of-the-art smartphones, there's not much of a market for them across Africa. The people that could afford them are in the minority, and most Africans are simply interested in owning a device that can get them online. The good news is that older generations of major smartphone brands now come at a cheaper cost thanks to new releases, and most of these offerings can perform all the functions that users across the continent need them for.

Even phones from five years ago can provide Africans with everything they need. The two most common uses for them are social media and entertainment, and there is no need to go for a top of the range phone for these things. When it comes to entertainment, gaming is certainly rising in popularity. Many eSports can be played from the mobile screen, and Egypt and South Africa are embracing the growing competitive gaming scene. The latter made $216 million from it in 2018, and that figure has risen dramatically since then.

Gambling is also a popular pastime across the continent, and online casino games can easily be played from simple smartphones. The best online casinos in South Africa have noticed this growing market and have begun to offer enticing welcome bonuses to new players. It seems that there is an appreciation for the fact that Africans like to be entertained on a budget, and sites are catering for this.

Samsung Provides a Much Greater Range
Samsung is dominating smartphone sales across Africa and had a 45 per cent share of the market in South Africa in 2021. In comparison, Apple only had a 15.71 per cent share. The second leading brand is Huawei with 28.76, and then there are numerous other smaller companies such as LG and Hisense that are trying to get their share of the spoils.

Apple has been one of the leading forces in the smartphone market in the west, but it's failing to have as much of an impact in the developing world. This is because it doesn't have as broad a range of offerings as other smartphone providers. Samsung is cleaning up in the region because it has different offerings for high end and entry-level users. Rather than promote the Note and S series of phones in the region, Samsung has found greater success with its more affordable A range.

If Apple wants to find success in the fertile African market, it may need to rethink its release model. While it does have some more affordable options, it doesn't have as great a variety as Samsung. It looks like the South Korean company will continue to dominate for the foreseeable future.

Source - Byo24News