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Unique Business seminar on the cards

by Mandla Ndlovu
27 Jul 2022 at 09:53hrs | Views
A unique seminar dubbed Zva zve bag has been organised by Zimbabwe Business Journal. It is focused on helping self funded and independently funded start ups grow through actionable tactics , inspiration and synergies.

Seminar organizer Itai Z. Gumbo said,"Entrepreneurs know that running a business is a never-ending learning experience. It's a long way of finding the right connections and learning from their top business leaders, which is why startup conferences are so popular and important nowadays."

Farai Dianah Mapokotera an entrepreneur and speaker at the seminar added that, "Younger entrepreneurs face a problem: Where to get money to fund their goals? Zva Zve Bag seeks to answer this question. Zva zve bag will deliver more knowledge which will empower aspiring entrepreneurs so they can open a business, it will also teach entrepreneurs how to raise capital , build and strengthen relations with financial institutions."

Kuziva Mtandiro of Fencorp weighed in on the seminar stating that it will Provide a platform for angel investors or persons interested in emerging businesses to interact with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs will learn from experts, meet potential partners, and even get inspired to make their businesses flourish.

Zva zve bag is open for all kinds of people that are interested in businesses.

Startup EmployeeMarketers/Managers/Owners/Directors
VCs and Angel Investors
Business Consultants

The seminar will be held on the 29th of July 2022  at Batanai Gardens along Jason Moyo and 1st street in Harare from 10:00Am  to 13:00 interested participants can register via email

Source - Byo24News