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Bulawayo industries won't re-open, says Zanu-PF

by zimbabwefocus
27 Jan 2014 at 15:15hrs | Views
Zanu-PF House of Assembly representative for Kwekwe constituency Masango Matambanadzo  has vowed that no single closed factory in Bulawayo will re-open as they are owned by whites.

Contributing to a motion in parliament last Thursday, a self-confessed grade two drop out  Matambanadzo said the white are  conniving with other people so that the Bulawayo populace can suffer hardships to  revolt against Government.

"I am saying to our hon. members from Zanu-PF, let us be united and assist in giving constructive ideas to this budget so that the budget can be progressive and the capabilities of the minister can be enhanced as he crafted this good budget.

"I urge all of us to be united in that regard. We should not behave like Bulawayo companies. The President said these companies should be opened but are we able to open these companies.

Most of the companies in Bulawayo belong to the whites and these whites connived with the people in the opposition to close them. If we are not careful, these companies are not going to reopen. The whites closed these companies because they want the country to experience hardships.

"These companies belong to the whites who are conniving with other people so that the Bulawayo populace can suffer hardships to revolt against Government.

"I strongly believe that with this budget, we will come up with ideas to enable Bulawayo companies to reopen as per the President's direction. When these companies are being reopened, we will come up with ideas that I cannot discuss here because these are thieves and they may steal them. They will come up with counter suggestions to this so that we cannot be successful."

Last year, Mugabe said Bulawayo's industrial base had shrunk to scrapyard level.

"Our cities are dying. Bulawayo was once a thriving industrial hub in the country, but now it has become a sorry industrial scrapyard," he said.

During his campaigns, Mugabe pledged to revive industry in Bulawayo, blaming European Union and US sanctions for the city's demise.

Estimates say more than 100 companies have closed shop affecting more than 20 000 employees.

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Source - zimbabwefocus