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Why do you invest?

by Moyo Roy
09 Nov 2018 at 09:49hrs | Views
Investing should never be justified on the grounds of mere interest. It should never be done just for fun or simply because you just can.  There's got to be a reason or reasons why you feel the need to invest. For me, it's more than just about the returns. It's much more than that.

I invest so that I can give my family what they want today and in the future. I invest so that I can live the life I desire. I want to be able to afford that vacation in the Bahamas. I want to be able to take my child to Disney and buy my mother that dream home. So, why do you invest? Did you know that you can play at top casino sites and stand a chance to win great cash prizes, play you favourite games at the casino of your choice and win your investment?

Why Do You Invest?

While reasons for investing differ, one thing should remain the same. Create goals! Goals will drive you to maintain balanced portfolios, minimise how much you spend and stay disciplined. Below are some tips_that you can utilise to set goals and become successful at living the life you desire.

Prioritize the Present

Put aside a percentage of your income for those non-essentials. Always budget for fun makes you realise that living for the moment is important too. At the same time, you will keep your investments safe as you already have put aside some money for fun.

An all-or-nothing attitude is a no-no
It's not always black and white. Actually, there is a grey area somewhere and it's not a bad place to be at all. When budgeting for that vacation, don't go all out and don't set a budget that is next to nothing too. Instead, set a reasonable limit, even if you have just won a real money jackpot. Stop thinking in extremes. In fact, you don't even have to spend extravagantly in order to feel fulfilled. At the same time, don't sacrifice a lot; you'll miss out on the good things in life.

Why You Should Invest

 - Investments make you feel secure about your future
 - Investing helps with curbing stress associated with spending on things like date night
 - You never know what tomorrow may bring so always be prepared by investing
 - Investing gives you self-discipline and self-control

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