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4 investments that don't give any returns

by Staff Reporter
25 Feb 2019 at 21:59hrs | Views
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People are locked in a constant struggle to invest their wealth in the most promising stocks or startup ventures, so the first and last thing on their minds is to make the biggest returns possible. However, there are four investments that do not offer any returns at all.

1. Emergency Fund
A portion of your savings is devoted to address emergencies and accidents. It isn't possible to predict medical emergencies, unexpected costly repairs, travel expenses, and getting laid off from work. It is recommended to save your money in a liquid funds or savings account. The emphasis isn't on generating a lot in the way of returns, but to create a contingency plan in case of emergencies. A savings account will allow you to instantly withdraw the money and make payments.

Emergency funds provide people with a safety net as they no longer feel threatened by big events. This keeps stress levels down and also prevents you from making terrible financial decisions. It isn't uncommon for people with lots of cash on their hands to buy things they don't need.

2. Life Insurance
Purchasing a life insurance policy is a great way to protect your loved ones in case you suddenly die without a warning. In the event when such a calamity does arise, your life insurance will pay a specific amount to your named beneficiaries after your death. Part of the money goes in paying for funeral costs and medical expenses and helping your dependents with their future living expenses.

You can't put a price on the financial security of your family, and purchasing a life insurance is the best way to ensure they continue living comfortably once you're no longer around. Life insurance is the ultimate form of financial protection, so don't expect a penny out of it, at least not in your lifetime.

3. Gold
Gold is a safe haven asset that shows its 'luster' in times of economic and political instability. As fiat currencies and the stock market fall apart, the safest way to store your wealth is by investing in gold. Current prices for the precious metal are looking good, with gold rates hovering around $1,323.
Trade relations between the US and China, Brexit, and slowing economic growth are weighing in on gold. But you have to act fast and hop on the bandwagon before prices reach an all-time high.

4. Real Estate
For many people, investing in real estate is a life-changing decision. People don't sell their house on a whim because providing their family with a roof is the most immediate concern. In the event that you do decide to sell the house to secure funds for investment, you will have to buy another house, which could even be a downgrade depending on how you use the proceeds.

In most cases, the value of property only appreciates, but even if it decreases, that shouldn't be your concern. A second house will be considered as your wealth and it will contribute towards your net worth.

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