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Why choosing the right forex broker is crucial to success

by Staff Writer
29 Jul 2019 at 11:30hrs | Views
Forex trading online has become hugely popular across the globe in recent years. It's easy to see why it has taken off in such a way: social trading platforms provide access to financial products for those who have not had the means before; technology means the platforms are able to offer cheaper commissions (if any) than the traditional financial investment industry; tools and data mean there is a levelling of the playing field between novice and expert traders.

Yet, in financial trading of any kind, it is often overlooked how important the platform is to providing success. Yes, one needs to make the right trades to succeed, but the support network can be just as important, especially in an age where people are trading and investing with no prior experience.

Forex trading, i.e. the process of making trades on currencies, is perhaps the type of trading that requires an excellent online broker the most. This is due to the fact that currency pairs are constantly moving throughout the day and night. Indeed, the foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market, with trillions of dollars in value traded each day.

Expert advice is integral to trading success
First and foremost, if you choose to trade currency, you need to have the analysis of the pros to make the best decisions. This still stands if you are an expert trader, as comparing and weighing up advice, even with assumptions contrary to your own, is crucial to executing the best trades.

For the novice trader, the new wave of forex trading platforms has made it easier to understand trading strategies. The best forex broker sites will support you with educational tools, tutorials and explainers, all designed to bring up your understanding of the trades you are making, and to improve over time.

However, fintech has made this all go a step further. Instead of simply giving you the tools to educate yourself, some brokers will also provide the platform for you to mimic expert traders, and to link your success to theirs. It's a cost-effective alternative to approaching a wealth manager at an investment bank. All trades carry risk, of course, but choosing to follow a trader with a demonstrable history of success can help your profits immensely. Expert traders don't only permit people to follow their trades, as they can earn commission and, to be frank, prestige.

Good software essential to executing trades
Trading forex is also about timing, and it is important that any broker you choose comes equipped with the latest software on their trading platforms. Minutes and seconds can be crucial in the high-octane world of financial products, so the last thing you want is to be thwarted by some technical issue when trying to execute a trade at the opportune moment.

Commission and fees are also very important. Most online forex brokers and social trading platforms work on economies of scale principles. Potentially connecting millions of users around the world, and having no overheads like Wall St real estate, means that brokers can be ultra-competitive when charging to use their platforms. Some offer no commission on certain trades, whereas others might have small fees attached to withdrawals. Each broker will be different, so the best advice is to match up to the one that suits your trading strategy.

In the end, social trading has taken off in a big way because it offers something to suit almost every level. Many sites even offer demo accounts if you like, allowing you to practice trading forex and other products without any risk. You should, however, be aware that not every broker is the same, and some good brokers might not necessarily suit your trading style. If you are interested in social trading, do a little research first, perhaps give it as much thought as you would when opening a bank account or applying for a credit card. Making the right choice will lead to a much, much better experience, regardless if your trading is successful or not.

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