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How to win jackpots at Bitcoin casino sites

by Staff writer
23 Jul 2021 at 18:10hrs | Views
Meta-Description: Bitcoin casinos offer progressive jackpot prizes, but how can you win them? Find out with our guide.

We all know that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos offer all kinds of games. Some of these- like the Progressive Jackpot are real moneymakers, and sure enough, if you ever land one of them, you might as well pack your bags and zoom off to your dream life. But how do you win this prize? Are there anything special tricks you need to learn?

This brief guide will acquaint you with some of the best ways to win progressive jackpot prizes at cryptocurrency casinos.

Do Cryptocurrency Casinos Offer Jackpot Games?

There is no point trying to win a cryptocurrency jackpot at a casino that doesn't offer cryptocurrency jackpot prices, to begin with. So, the first thing you want to do is make sure that the crypto casino you choose offers Progressive Jackpot games.

The truth is, not all cryptocurrency casinos have progressive prizes to offer their players. The types of prizes up for grabs depends largely on the casino- and the software providers feeding the casino- you choose to play your games at.

It's as simple as this: want to stand a chance at winning a progressive jackpot game, then pick a cryptocurrency casino that features games from decent and reputable providers like

How to Win the Progressive Jackpot Prize at your Cryptocurrency Casino

Let's get down to business. How do you win these Progressive Jackpot games when you've found the perfect casino to play? Of course, there are different ways to skin the cat.

Win by Lining Up Jackpot Symbols

One of the oldest ways in the book is going through the path of lined up jackpot symbols. It's almost as old as time itself. But we'll let you in on one big secret. It's not as easy as it sounds.

A game of many symbols and very few pay lines will require you to land jackpot symbols on a very specific line with a maximum stake. That's almost like hacking at a forest tree with a blunt knife.

But then, is there a better way to do it?

Randomly Triggered Progressive Prizes

Randomly triggered progressive jackpot prizes are just as they sound - Random. However, they are the most found at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos, and one of these babies will greatly increase your odds of winning a progressive jackpot slot.

Now, note, this randomly triggered progressive prize will have several jackpot prizes of different values—one more thing. There is absolutely nothing you can do in a randomly triggered progressive slot to improve your chances of winning at the Bitcoin casino. Instead, you can only spin the reels and hope to land a valuable prize. And higher stakes means higher prizes, and lower stakes mean lower prizes. You might want to keep that in mind too.

Win via Bonus Games

Last but not the least, you can win a progressive prize at your Bitcoin casino by triggering bonus rounds. This trigger can be random or gotten by landing bonus symbols on the reels. Once the stars align, you can proceed to complete an objective to stand a chance at winning. This objective might be matching up identical symbols behind icons, landing a winning combo on the reels of a free spin round, or spinning wheels of fortune.

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