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Interview with Uzambezi Arts

by Mafu Sithabile
27 May 2011 at 21:38hrs | Views
As always Bulawayo24 strives to promote Zimbabwean talent and this time we have managed to acquire an interview with  U'Zambezi Performing Arts. They are a UK based premier arts ensemble that specialises in art forms from southern Africa.

The group's membership is drawn from consultants, composers, songwriters, dance and music practitioners to tour and arts event managers.

How did you get the name Uzambezi Arts?

We sat down and thought of names which were appropriate and we thought of Zambezi which is a river  that basically joins Southern African countries as a permanent land mark. We said  this is the name we want because our work will be carried over to the next generation and live for ever.

When did you start?

We formalised our group in 2002.

How would you describe your music?

It is a traditional kind of music from Southern Africa which is characterised by a heavy sound of male bass voices  accompanied by dancing (Isichathamiya). ................

How many albums do you have so far?

 We have one album  on the market. Now we are preparing for a second one and we have a DVD in the pot which can be out any minute.

Do you do live performances?

Yes we do live performances in all corners of the world. We even do themed projects and we also do performances for a cause.

Do you write all your songs?

Yes we do write our own songs. Each member within the group has an opportunity to come up with a song or an idea then we sit down as a group and work on the idea resulting to a song.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a group?

The challenge we had  was to do some Southern African dances in an Indian rhythm played bit. Also doing Indian dancing was big a challenge, but we enjoyed it at the end.

Have you worked with any other organisations or bands?

Yes we have worked with music organisations such as Music For Change, 4x4 Indian Dancing Group and other individual Agencies.

We have also shared the stage with Stella Chiweshe, London Symphony Orchetra, Mantongande and the Melodies Gospel Group to name but a few.

Have you done anything so far to promote groups in Zimbabwe similar music like yours?

Well we are planning to promote other groups to come and share experiences in the UK, this idea is in the pipeline.

How can one get hold of you?
Through our online website which is or through other links e.

Have you performed overseas ?

Yes we have traveled overseas and performed in such countries like Germany, Spain, Channel  Islands and throughout UK.

How do you often do your rehearsals?

 We do our rehearsals every Saturdays and sometime twice  a week if needed to especial when we have a new program to be taken on board.

Where are you based?

We are based in London (Tottenham).

Source - Byo24News