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Zimbabwean launches brand new African Comedy magazine

by Agencies
01 Jul 2016 at 07:15hrs | Views
Carl Joshua Ncube today announced the launch of a brand new magazine online called the African Comedy Circuit. The Zimbabwean stand up comedian mentioned the need for Africa to share with the rest of the world the amazing growth of the African Comedy Circuit. Quite often great work happens in the comedy sector and is only recognised in its country of origin, the rest of Africa doesn't know about it and in turn neither does the rest of the world.

As a touring comedian I interact with so many African comedians and most have been my friends colleagues and even mentors, I realised amongst themselves the comics didn't know much about each others industries and so I felt a product like this would certainly bring comics together, foster greater collaborations and generate great productions on the continent and the rest of the world said an up beat Carl Joshua Ncube who himself is attempting to take on a GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS attempt at a 9 year old record of most comedy shows in 7 days. The Zimbabwean comedian in August 17-23 will attempt to do 35 comedy performances in 35 different venues in 12 cities spread over 4 countries in just 7 days.

The brand new magazine African Comedy Circuit is available online via a downloadable reader and the comedian has also announced that this will give birth to many support products like a gig guide as well as comedy events. The July issue features a number of interesting articles that include a COMEDY long story by Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda, a feature on Girls Killing it (female comedians to watch that include names such as Ava vidal, Tumi Morake, Mandy Uzonitsha, Nina Hastie, Sofie Hagen and Maureen Langan).

The magazine pays tribute to the Goliath and Goliath firebrand of comedian entrepreneurs as well as the brand new animation featured at the Comedy Central Africa's International Comedy Festival which has recently added a cast rish and full of great African Comedy Stars like Salvado from Uganda who is the first feature in this issue of the African Comedy Circuit.

Source - Agencies