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Discussing Arts in diaspora (pt3)

by Future Moyo aka Jamelah
22 Oct 2016 at 20:18hrs | Views
Today's Topic is: The Value Of Collaboration in arts

Over the past years the music industry has seen many artists producing award winning collaborations yet those very artists never won anything apiece.

Some of the most ground breaking artistic works have resulted when artists with knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas. This then spells out the value of collaboration as an avenue to mutual respect, mutual work and eventually mutual exposure that comes with a big catch in terms of sales.

We have many examples of profitable collaborations from our own talented migrant society but in this article I will deliberately avoid naming them so that they can be the toast of my next articles.

Many genres ,especially within the  Zimbabwean community in Mzansi, have seen the mushrooming of artists who unfortunately just flicker to vanish into the thin air before we even master their names, simply because they were stifled by the demands of the industry which they could have avoided by placing their egos aside and choose to at least collaborate or other informed alternatives.
During the process of working together all members involved get as chance to learn from each other, improve their quality, complement each other , above all, cut cost as the shared responsibility of events coordination will eventually cut overhead costs.

Collaboration can also expand your market as you also become a friend of your colleague's fans just like he or she will do.

Besides working with other artists ,the same style can be applied to business people and other organizations outside the mainstream arts , in this fashion you get to expand your empire. If it happens that those individuals are also politicians, do not be turned to a propagandist ,rather maintain your artistic zone!

If you like politics too then try to separate your art from your politics ,remember in politics there is nothing permanent as the slogan goes: " no permanent office,no permanent friend,no permanent enermy, no permanent slogan and no permanent sense," so make sure your art remains permanent in the face of any political turmoil.

The other advantage of collaboration is that it can unify different continents through different genres,genders and races.

Through arts, borders have been dissolved, I am tempted to give examples but at the same time I do not want to draw people's names here , nonetheless I admire what I have seen and heard in Bulawayo recently, Harare and Johannesburg especially in music videos .

However collaboration should be beneficial to both or all members involved. Do not choose to be a sucker or try to ride on a popular name like those who like singing about big soccer teams or political names in a desperate way to gain recognition, forgetting that those very big names deserve more respect. However it is not bad at all to use big names in your music, just use them in the right context.

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