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Carl Joshua Ncube ditches old broadcast for YouTube

by Agencies
29 Nov 2016 at 08:31hrs | Views

Carl Joshua Ncube is officially a YouTuber. This was the announcement by trend setting comedian from Zimbabwe who claims to be ditching the broadcast model and favouring the shorter version of content for online audiences. The comedian who is currently blazing a tour of the far east took to his facebook to announce that he has been uploading daily content for youtube viewers to subscribe to.

Ncube does not shy away from using technology and being the first Zimbabwean to explore new ways of delivering content and youtube is certainly not the first time Carl has literally gone against the grain and proved he is a marketing innovator. The youtube channel currently features very short videos of interviews with comedians he is meeting, a travel vlog that quickly shows you the sights and sounds of where Carl is at the moment and also late night show clips and stand up comedy.

The comedian has mentioned that the youtube channel is part of a much wider strategy to deliver short content to his fans so they can enjoy content and see great possibilities anytime of day from wherever they are. The initiative is also extending great advertising rates from $100 per month to brands wanting to be associated with the comedian and his content. Companies already onboard are STEWARD BANK, iBoard Africa, Intercape Pathfinder, FastJet, Canon, Eskill Trading, Solution Centre, Media Matrix and Jan Jam Men's Wear as well as partering with Zimbabwean acts to promote music like DJEMBE MONKS who feature in some of his videos. Listed below are some of the content or shows on the youtube channel branded CJNTV
or Carl Joshua Ncube TV

Chilling with the NCUBES
A reality show of Carl and wife nelsy as they quickly discuss topics that married couples go through in a funny quick and quirky video

Get the sights and sounds of Carl's travels around the world and get a glimpse of the possibilities of travelling where you have always dreamed to go

Carl Can Cook
Carl is a celebrity chef and shows quick and easy recipes in 3-5 minute videos

Late Night with Carl Joshua Ncube
Zimbabwe is a funny place and this latest satirical news show packages Zimbabwe in a way the world can understand

Carl meets comedians in SHORT
Carl introduces us to stand up comedians that he gets to meet from around the world, he has so far introduced Dana Alexander (Canada), Rory Lowe (Australia), Jonathan Atherton (From the WORLD) and Katerina Vrana (From Greece)

Stand Up Comedy
Carl will continue to use youtube to show off some clips from noteable comedy performances around the world

Selfie Help Topics
Carl is a motivational speaker and author and plans on delivering some of his presentations and articles as short SELF HELP videos

Source - Agencies