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Skyz Metro's 'It girl' Kya Drastiq sets new record

by Sifiso Dube
26 Dec 2016 at 12:50hrs | Views
Kya Drastiq
Bulawayo's radio personality and entertainment icon Kya Drastiq (real name Khaya Moyo)  has set a new record in the radio industry as Zimbabwe's youngest Breakfast Show presenter.

23-year-old Kya who co-hosts Skyz Metro FM's Vuka Vuka Breakfast with socialite-cum-comedian Babongile Sikhonjwa has set the bar high for young aspiring broadcasters to challenge her new record.

She has distinguished herself with an unprecedented and captivating hosting style and her warm attitude towards her fans.

This reporter caught up with the radio personality who gave an exclusive interview ranging from personal life to her career. Below we publish the unabridged interview.

SD: How does it feel being the youngest Breakfast Show Presenter in Zimbabwe Kya?

KD:  (Laughs) I had never seen it that way, I have always sought to provide quality informative entertainment to my fans since I started Showbiz and I guess this is where it has led me. I appreciate so much the listeners who always give me feedback on the Show and also the station for giving me the platform to exhibit my talent. I must emphasise, I feel very excited about my career and where I am now.

SD: Our readers are interested in knowing when did Kya venture into the Showbiz Industry.

KD: Well... I knew that question would pop up. I can't point to a particular moment in my life when I made a conscious decision to venture into the Entertainment world but I would say it was a natural systematic process. I had always harboured ambitions of being a doctor when I was young, but I found myself having a keen interest and participating in debate, public speaking and Interact clubs at schools which I believe is where I developed my eloquence in speech and the love for speaking took off.

SD:  And your background? Everyone who has made it in life always has a rags to riches story to tell. What is yours?

KD: I would like to think some of the stories that people share are made up stories (laughs). To my context, I grew up in a very supportive family that gave me an opportunity to attain fair education and allowed me to exploit my talent. I would want to say though, what has been difficult all the years has been how to penetrate and survive the much contested showbiz space first in Matabeleland and in Zimbabwe. You would agree with me that for a long time, entertainment practitioners in this side of the country have been operating in isolation and not in unity which created unnecessary competition and character mutilation of competitors. What made me survive was developing a thick skin and refusing to be waylaid by anything in my pursuits. My determination has seen me rising from being a hip hop artiste to being an events host, MC, Brand Ambassador and Radio personality.

SD: The curtain is coming to a close on 2016. What are we expecting from the Kya Drastiq Brand in 2017?

KD: A lot more, a lot more hahaha. Firstly is to entrench Kya as a leading media personality and I assure my fans that I am gearing for winning media personality awards next year. I am also taking my event hosting occupation to greater heights. You will be seeing more of the brand hosting corporate conferences, cocktails and awards amongst other events. I won't divulge much at this moment but actions will speak for themselves.

SD: On a parting note, who do you look up to as an inspiration?

KD: My mother is my paramount inspiration in my life – she is selfless and has made so many sacrifices for me and I adore her to bits.

 In the industry, I look up to Bonang Matheba and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie but let me hasten to say my life motto is: Hustle until your inspirations become your competitors.

SD: Thank you for the interview Kya

KD: Thank you for having me. Mcwaaaa

The jury is still out whether the high flying media personality will withstand the pressures that come with being a public figure and particularly a media personality.

Source - Sifiso Dube