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Babongile, Khuliyo beef rages on

by Staff Reporter
21 Oct 2017 at 08:30hrs | Views
SINGER Khuliyo has accused comedian and radio personality Babongile Sikhonjwa of deflating the tyres of his car, vowing to get back at him, as their rivalry escalates.

Khuliyo and Sikhonjwa have been in a war of words since last week after the comedian accused the singer of telling people that he was a bad MC, leading to the loss of potential revenue. Sikhonjwa hit back saying Khuliyo was a bad singer and declared that he was better than him.

Khuliyo also said Sikhonjwa was not good at his job as a radio presenter or MC and was a lousy singer. Thereafter Khuliyo challenged Sikhonjwa to a sing off competition next week at the Bulawayo Theatre of which he obliged.

As people were still preparing for the sing-off next Thursday, Khuliyo posted pictures of himself at a local tyre repair shop, saying he found his tyres deflated and Sikhonjwa was his prime suspect.

"So I find my car flat. I go to Pro-Line; they say some fool probably did it. I've no proof but this means only one thing . . . I see you Babongile," posted Khuliyo on his social media.

Before this scenario, Sikhonjwa had tagged Khuliyo in a post that read: "Wena Nkue Nkala, before the battle next week, I need to teach you a lesson or two and show you that I'm old school. Mana ubone (wait and see)."

And now days later, Khuliyo conveniently found his tyres deflated.

Khuliyo said he was not taking the issue lightly and wanted to find ways to get Sikhonjwa arrested.

"Sikhonjwa is resorting to dirty tricks because he knows that he's not going to win. Rather than rehearsing, he's doing childish things like this.

"I'm going to the police to find out if I've grounds to press charges," said Khuliyo yesterday.

Sikhonjwa denied having a hand in the puncturing of Khuliyo's car tyres.

"I happened to pass by Pro-Line and took a picture of a sign there. My intention was to tell him (Khuliyo) ukuthi uzophel'umoya (that he'll get tired).

Unfortunately, later on in the day, someone deflated his tyres," said Sikhonjwa.

"Does he honestly think that his tyres can't be deflated? He wants to get me arrested meaning that he knows that he can't win against me."

Source - Chronicle