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Mother of late Bulawayo rapper Cal_Vin fights for justice and legacy

by Staff Reporter
10 Dec 2023 at 10:46hrs | Views
Three years after the tragic and unsolved death of Bulawayo rapper Cal_Vin, his mother, Sinikiwe Luphahla, remains dedicated to seeking justice for her son while actively preserving his musical legacy. In an exclusive interview with Sunday News, Luphahla discussed her ongoing efforts to keep Cal_Vin's memory alive.

Luphahla has recently relaunched her late son's merchandise, producing grade street T-shirts and selling them from home, with plans to release his extensive catalog on commercial and digital platforms.

"I would love to make sure his legacy lives on. Already we have relaunched his merchandise, grade street T-shirts, which I'm selling at home to preserve the musical brand. We will soon be uploading his music on commercial and digital platforms to spread it like wildfire," Luphahla expressed.

In addition to selling merchandise and distributing Cal_Vin's music, Luphahla aims to establish a foundation in his name. However, she acknowledges that the legal processes currently impede immediate progress. "In his honor, we will, in the future, open up a foundation when the legal processes permit us to do so. At the moment, we have stopped due to legal processes," she explained.

During the interview with Sunday News, Luphahla shed light on Cal_Vin's early exposure to music, crediting his cousin Thulani for playing a pivotal role in writing his first verse when he was just 10 years old. Despite acknowledging the influence of his upbringing, Luphahla emphasized Cal_Vin's innate talent as the driving force behind his success in the music industry.

Reflecting on the tragic incident that took her son's life, Luphahla expressed sadness that the motorist responsible for his death has not been arrested. She highlighted challenges in the legal process and concerns about evidence tampering, potentially leading to delayed or denied justice.

Cal_Vin, aged 35, was fatally hit by a white Mazda Familia with no number plates on October 24, 2020, while returning home from a local bar. Despite the difficulties, Luphahla remains determined to ensure her son's legacy endures. She expressed gratitude for the recent recognition Cal_Vin received at the Bulawayo Arts Awards, considering it a validation of his talent and a tribute to his lasting impact. Additionally, Cal_Vin's three-year-old daughter, Khloe Owami, born months after his death, received a seven-year education bursary through philanthropist Mitchell Tshuma and Hope Restores Academy.

Source - Sunday News