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Zimbabwean designer 'crowned' by Kanye West

by Anesu Mawarire
12 Jun 2015 at 11:35hrs | Views
Zimbabwean designer based in the United States of America, Chipo Mudzengi Hwami recently reigned supreme by scoring first and third place for her designer collection Panashe at the Gold Thimble fashion show held in the US recently.

Chipo Mudzengi Hwami expressed her happiness for receiving these awards to The Herald Entertainment in an online interview. "My menswear won first place in the Gold thimble fashion show alongside my swimwear and active-wear received 3rd place.

The swimwear is inspired by the 1950s and the active-wear had to compliment the colours for the swimwear. I decided to add a hat and a hooded jacket to finish the looks," she said.

The award-winner was elated to have met renowned rapper Kanye West as he presented the awards to her. "Meeting Kanye West was just the cherry on top for the night. I look up to him, he is a fabulous fashion designer and I couldn't be happier to have met this man," she said.

The "All Day" rapper Kanye West made a surprise appearance at Los Angeles Trade Technical College last Friday night to the delight of many students.

After leaving Zimbabwe for the United States, Chipo found herself in the position that many people face after moving to greener pastures.

The incredible barriers and the lack of affordable, safe and reliable child care made life difficult.

Panashe Designs was born in 2007 after a long argument with herself as she did not like the way women were represented in the fashion industry.

"Because women were constantly being reminded that they were not thin enough, I made it my mission to empower women by designing clothing that complemented their beauty from the inside and the outside, regardless of their shape and size. I saw a gap in the fashion industry, where women were made to suffer "waistline guilt" - by the size-zero campaign," she said.

Panashe aims to ensure that women feel confident by wearing pieces that they can relate to and that fit their needs. Chipo feels strongly that wearing right-sized clothing adds another layer to the empowerment of women.

Source - the herald
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