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'Bukalanga Gathering 2019 Will Be Spectacular' - Organisers

by Titshabona Malaba Ncube
26 Apr 2019 at 05:42hrs | Views
Organisers of the UK annual cultural event dubbed the Bukalanga Gathering have emphasised that this year's event will not only be interesting but will also be unique and special.

Speaking to Bulawayo24 News, Difa WaJapi promised fireworks at this year's event to be held in Leeds, UK on the 13th July 2019. "Bukalanga Gathering has always been a Bukalanga cultural exhibition, but this year doors will be wide opened to anyone from any background who has a zeal to showcase their culture or talent. While Bakalanga will be exhibiting their culture as per norm, we will also assume a special role of hosts as we shall be welcoming and anchoring displays from other cultures, business entities, entrepreneurs and any other talents willing to participate. Basically, it will be a day to celebrate, networking, making friends and connections as well as exchanging ideas while celebrating our heritage."

The event will be a fun-filled with varying kinds of celebrations and entertainments and will absolutely be friendly for those needing a family get-together like atmosphere. Facilities for children to play will be made available making the whole event a family friendly occasion.

The Bukalanga Gathering has enjoyed great success since its inauguration a few years ago. The objective of the annual event has always been to celebrate the essence of being BuKalanga / Tjikalanga.

The mini activities taking place in the event programme normally include, inter alia, guest speakers, business displays, religious expressions, cultural performances, arts and a variety of traditional dishes. Of paramount importance is sharing of ideas on how to give back to the communities back in Zimbabwe, an initiative that has led to visible fruition that includes the development of schools, hospitals and other enterprises particularly in the Bulilima and Mangwe Districts. The Gathering aims to expand its sphere of influence to other Kalanga related Districts like Tsholotsholo and Matobo Districts in terms of infrastructure developments and other ‘giving back to the community' initiatives.

As the Kalanga saying goes, "Bukamu igaswa gohhadzisiwa nemadlo!", the event will dwell and place much emphasis on traditional Bukalanga foods like mxhanxa, tjimoni, mahonja, manyadzigwa, mahwe amongst other scrumptious goodies and dishes associated with Bukalanga culture.

Entertainers and dance groups willing to participate in the event should contact;
D Bango 07865679977 or
L Moyo  07859778755

Venue; Beeston Parish Centre, Town St. Leeds. LS11 8PN
Date; 13th July 2019

Source - Titshabona Malaba Ncube