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Mugabe can't stop playing the child's game : MLF

by MLF
25 Feb 2016 at 17:05hrs | Views
At 92 and in a field where seriousness should be practiced, Mugabe is hell bent on playing the child's game. He is seen in soccer playing costumes even big size to him trying to defend the goal that has already crossed the line. The restoration of Mthwakazi -Zimbabwe border is a long overdue issue that can not be stopped by just a chase game. The establishment of the so called peace and reconciliation commission is one chess game that Mugabe is trying as means of holding on to his illegal rule of Mthwakazi.

Why would he establish that fact finding commission in the name of trying to foster peace and justice for the Gukurahundi genocide before amending the constitution, which is the guide which disapproves of justice against those heinous acts? How many times shall that truth be put in the open but in with noone getting charged? Why did you scrap out the ministry of healing which was headed by Moses Mzila Ndlovu? How is your commission going to differ in the approach to the disturbances and why do you think we as Mthwakazi people should count on your commission to deliver us from your ills? Why don't he release the Chihambagwe and Dumbutshena report for the truth that he seeks to know? No ways. Mugabe you are too old to be seen playing such stupid games. To further insult our people, in that commission Mashonaland people dominate it.
If the commission was genuinely created for a healing process surely the victims should out number the perpetrator not the other way round. As it is now what guarantees us that the commission is surely established to liberate us from our past experiences?

We advise you to pack yours and leave Mthwakazi, that's what could be best for you and prove that you are one of the educated persons that Africa has ever produced. How could you establish a peace and reconciliation commission to dig out all the information and evidences that is lying idle in your office? Is that not the very same corruption that you established the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission for? At whose expense is the peace commission going to be funded for what you already have in your disposal? Mugabe be a man and do what you know can be the lasting solution for the Gukurahundi killings. It is sad that the very same person who is speaking about peace is out in full force terrorising the innocent and already the victims of his ills.

Recently we received reports that the heavily armed troops had been deployed in Bhalagwe, an area where your North Korean trained murderer mained, amputed, bayonetted, molested and massacred our beloved ones. I don't know if that is the peace he is talking about and further denying the re-burial of the victims of his massacres is the healing he is talking about again. In Lupane, residents complained about prolonged implementation of the grand plan in their schools leading to the poor results both at grade 7 and at O'level, he responded by deploying his killing machine, the CIO. 10 disappearances have so far been reported. Is that anywhere near achieving peace, justice and or reconciliation? Mugabe be warned, we are watching you and you won't like it when it back fires. Be a man, let games to players. Set yourself free only by letting Mthwakazi Free not by all these games you are playing.

Lastly to all Mthwakazians living in fear of these blood sucking vultures, never shall Gukurahundi repeat itself as long as M.L.F lives.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!

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Source - MLF
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