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Bukalanga gathering in UK (30 July 2016)

by Tisha Ncube
14 Jul 2016 at 17:11hrs | Views
Being away from one's  land of birth could mean always yearning for a feeling of belonging. It could also mean loneliness and struggling to cope with or even adapt to the traditions of one's new found home.

The Bu Kalanga Gathering is a response to a need for Zimbabweans and also people from any other nationalities or heritages who at times feel lonely, dis-engaged  and  also feel the need  for a space/platform to meet. Share experiences, make new links and also just be at an event where they feel culturally connected and, relevant.

The event is meat to celebrate everything BuKalanga / Tjikalanga: from leadership role models, businesses, religion. Culture , arts , food and to even sharing ideas on how to give back to our communities in Zimbabwe and also how engage with and learn from other communities that have built schools, hospitals or other community initiatives in countries of birth.

So make a date us on the :

Venue:  Birchover Community Centre,  83 Birchover Rd,  Nottingham, NG8 4BW

Date: 30 July 2016

Time: 2pm---10pm

Contribution: £5 Adults and £2 Children


Lucky 07859778755
H Vaka 07896756695
Difa Wa Japi 078 65679977
S Mlalazi 07828134923

Source - Titsha Ncube