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Father Zimbabwe Celebrations, Birmingham, UK

by Bokani M Vundhla
30 Jul 2016 at 07:49hrs | Views
Day 2 Venue: Victoria park, Queens Road, Tipton, Dy4 8ND, West Midlands, Birmingham, UK.

Father Zimbabwe Celebrations, Birmingham, UK
Saturday 30/07/16 to Sunday 31/07/16

In the humble surroundings of the Black History-rich township of Handsworthwood, in Birmingham (UK) will gather a group of Zimbabwean patriots to remember one of their own home grown political giants, the late  Hon Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo. Those with long memories who have not forgotten what a great leader he was. A true nationalist, pan-Africanist and internationalist. The president Zimbabwe never had. Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo! Father Zimbabwe! Mafukufuku!  Chibwechitedza! (May his soul rest in peace). One of the founder members of our revolution and emancipation from colonial rule. He gave his all so that the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe could taste true freedom.

The Zimbabwe diaspora community in the UK will pour from all the four corners of the UK to take part in the celebrations. In a few hours the people will begin to arrive here in Birmingham to celebrate the life and achievements of a true hero of the struggle for the independence of Zimbabwe. The organisers of this event are confident that these celebrations will lay the foundation of an annual event to remember this great son of Africa, a true son of the soil. Yet the organisers feel slightly overwhelmed by the occasion of trying to condense so much achievement in the space of a few hours in the chosen humble surroundings of this quiet and dignified community. Will this event capture the big spirit of Mafukufuku, General Josh, soldier and peace maker? Yet whatever happens in the next two days of celebration, the event is bound to be successful. Any small act of recognising the late Father Zimbabwe is commendable.

Although the event has been organised by Zapu cadres, this event is open to all. He did not discriminate against anyone while he was alive. He was father to all of us. That is why the invitation is extended to all who can make it to Birmingham.

Day 1 of the celebrations will see formal presentations followed by proper party time. Zimbabweans have had little to cheer about all year and so this is the time to let their weaves down. DJ Sox will certainly keep the crowds on their toes. Revolutionary music will take Zimbabweans back into yesteryear when we, together as one, fought and defeated the white colonialists on  the battle ground. Saturday 30 July 2016 is a good day to create some good memories by celebrating with fellow Zimbabweans. Do not  miss out.

Day 2 will showcase the football talents of Zimbabwean citizens stranded on this island while trying to make Zimbabwe the good home it once was. The invited teams will fight it out in the prestigious Father Zimbabwe Cup on Sunday 31 July to crown the 2016 champions. Tshisanyama/ Gochigochi and beverages will freely flow on the day. You have to be there!

Contact organisers:

Adi +44 7432 741129
Zenzo +44 7570 506166.

Source - Bokani M Vundhla