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Blackjack Switch - A highly interesting Blackjack variant!

by Staff Reporter
22 Jan 2018 at 12:34hrs | Views
Blackjack has always been considered one of the most popular online casino games, preferred by a great multitude of online gamers, including celebrities and popular sportspersons. At core, it's a fairly simple card game that has several interesting variations. One of these variations which is rapidly gaining a lot of popularity among the online players is the Blackjack Switch.

Playing Blackjack Switch offers plenty of excitement if you're used to pair-splitting and would love the luxury of switching the top cards of two different dealt hands. Please know, this switching used to be considered cheating at one point of time, however has turned into an interesting variation now! This Blackjack variant is quite similar to the conventional Blackjack except for the fact that you're allowed to create more than one hand, thus increasing your winning chances.

What does Blackjack switching exactly mean?

In Blackjack Switch, players are dealt two different hands comprising of two cards each. As mentioned earlier, you are allowed to exchange the top cards of these two different hands, in the hope of creating better hand/s. For instance, let's say you're dealt 8/10 and A/4. In this case, you would be allowed to switch 10 and 4 cards to help you create two different hands - 8/4 and A/10. You can even re-split the cards and make up to four different hands.

How the game is played?

Blackjack Switch can win you plenty of money if you know exactly when and how to make the switch. Although it might seem quite simple on the surface, please know, a lot of care must be taken to sufficiently increase your winning odds.

Rules of the game - Blackjack Switch is normally played with 4 to 8 card decks, and every player is dealt two hands each. Following are the rules you must keep in mind while playing this Blackjack variant:

 - All the cards are dealt in the face up possession
 - Players are allowed to bet the same amount on each one of their hands
 - You can switch only the second dealt cards
 - You're allowed to double down any two cards, even post their split
 - A dealer normally hits on soft 17 and can play for Blackjack in the event that his/her face up card turns out to be an ace or a 10
 - The dealer is allowed to push till the 22 mark, without getting busted, however, a player isn't
 - Dealer's 22 is always considered higher than a player's 21, unless the latter's is a Blackjack. Regardless, both the dealer's and the player's Blackjack are considered equal
 - In the event that a player makes a switch to land a Blackjack, it isn't considered a Blackjack, but a 21 instead

The right time to switch
As mentioned earlier, the timing of making a Blackjack Switch is very important in this game. As the house edge in this Blackjack variant is anywhere between 0.2% to 0.02%, it's a comparatively less risky game than others, and thus can be enjoyed by both amateur and professional Blackjack players. If played strategically, it's not uncommon for players to score huge Blackjack wins of this kind! However, you must always refer to the switch tables and calculators available on the Internet to obtain best results.

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