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Top 5 PS2 ISOS to play with friends you can get right now

by Staff Writer
21 Aug 2019 at 07:12hrs | Views
Do you remember a retro game with nostalgia? Or are you looking to relive the golden age when you used to wipe the floor with opponents on Soulcalibur?

If that sounds like you, then you might be looking for the best retro game ISOS you can enjoy with friends. After all, no one is too keen on scouring eBay for a used PlayStation 2 console and games that might or might not work.

Well, you're in luck because you don't need a PlayStation 2 console to relive your glory days as the King of Gamers. You need to download an ISO of your favorite game, load it on a computer emulator, and invite your buddies for an afternoon of pixel-smashing good fun.

What you might not be too sure of is – what are the best ISOS to play with friends? Sure, you can always assume they'll still enjoy the games you played as a kid, but what if they don't?

Let's take the guesswork out of finding the PS2 ISOS you and your buddies will enjoy with a list of 5 of the best PS2 games ever made available in ISO format.

Soulcalibur 2

Arcade-to-console ports don't usually end up as an instant success, but Project Soul's Soulcalibur 2's port to PS2 earned it a spot among the likes of Street Fighter. The game is one of the best-looking and fluid fighting games ever made. It introduced new weapons, characters, ramped up visuals, and fighting skills to master.Part of the reason you'll love playing Soulcalibur with friends is - it is the franchise's first installment for the PlayStation. That makes a real collector's item and a must-have in your PS2 ISOS folder.

SOCOM 2: US Navy Seals

At a time when multiplayer was considered as a bonus and not a "must-have" in the gaming industry, SOCOM 2: US Navy Seals was among the few brave titles seeded the PS2 online community.
The game allowed teams of eight players to duel online in an expansive universe of 25 maps. Not much compared to today's standard of free roam multiplayer games, but during its time, SOCOM 2 kicked serious tail. Too bad it didn't come with a Splitscreen co-op option. That would have been the icing on the cake.

You'll love playing this PS2 ISO with friends because of the in-built chat that allows you to communicate with other players. It also comes with a feature that allows recently offed players to watch the action in ghost form.

Winning Eleven 8

Love some soccer action? Well before the FIFA franchise dominated the soccer gaming industry, Winning Eleven was making waves across the PS2 community. The gameplay is super smooth with solid mechanics. Each goal is a work of art, and the tackles are hilarious. There's not a lot to master in Winning Eleven 8 apart from passing and scoring, but each VS match is an unpredictable duel. That's why you'll love playing this PS2 ISO with friends.
Fight Night Round 2

Fight Night Round 2 is another fantastic game to add to your collection of PS2 ISOS. It's pretty much your typical fighting game. What makes it unique and enjoyable to play with a bunch of friends is the satisfying slow-motion rewind after knocking out an opponent.
The blood dripping from their mouth as the mouth guard flies off and eyes swelling shut is must be a precursor for MK11's X-rays. As far as boxing games go, Fight Night Round 2 is one of the best. You'll be mashing the buttons on your pad so hard, your fingers will hurt.

Burnout Revenge

Criterion Games hyper-aggressive driving game franchise deserves a spot on every gamer's cabinet or hard drive in this case. Burnout Revenge takes the pot as the best PS2 ISO to play with friends because it is one of the few in the series that allows split-screen racing.
Everyone will love the crash battle that allows two racers to battle it out in the Crash Mode at the same time. It also has an online multiplayer feature where up to six players compete in almost all single-player races.

With these PS2 ISOS, you and your buddies should have a pretty occupied and fun weekend. Don't forget to bring enough PS2 controllers because the party is bound to go on for hours.

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