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Next-Gen Gaming Shaking Up Platform Exclusivity

by Staff writer
28 Aug 2020 at 19:34hrs | Views
In console gaming, exclusive titles per system have always been par for the course. For many gamers, these releases would serve as the ultimate deciding factor of which console out of the crop would grace their living rooms. The next generation is different though, as it appears less concerned with forging such strict exclusivity as it is with giving users more avenues in which to engage.

Microsoft and Sony

The two big names in boundary-pushing next-gen console tech have taken quite different stances, though the end result should appear quite similar. In simple terms, Microsoft has placed significant importance on opening up their Xbox games to PC as much as possible. This is through not having any exclusives planned for the next few years, as well as offering cross-buy opportunities, gifting PC versions of games with Xbox purchases.  

Sony's route is more superficially dedicated to exclusivity, with stated platform-specific titles like Horizon Forbidden West and the Demon, s Souls remake hotly anticipated. It, s worth noting, however, that there are already existing ways to play PlayStation games on PC, through the use of the PSNow service.

As a streaming system, PSNow lets players run a broad range of games on many different host devices, from PCs to Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Add in the ability to stream from your console rather than from Sony servers, and it might be possible to eliminate the common issue of latency. Properly implemented, this could make PlayStation 5 game streaming onto other devices a truly desirable way to play.

"Demon, s Souls: Deluxe Edition" (CC BY 2.0) by PseudoGil

An Entertainment Precedent

While some thanks for these changes towards a more multiplatform experience are owed to system developers listening to users, equally important are the precedents set by other forms of entertainment. There are many illustrations of this in popular media, ranging from the written word to television, films, and other forms of interactive experiences.

In online casino games, the former confines of desktop and laptop play are now relegated to a relic of the past. Today, practically every experience possible on these services operates perfectly over mobile systems, giving users the choice in how they engage. This isn't just for the classic slot or table games either, as technology has kept pace enough that even the most cutting-edge live casino games function smoothly on mobile, tablets, Mac and PC.

For TV and movies, the most obvious illustrations come from YouTube and Netflix. As with the aforementioned games, these made the jump from computers to mobiles easily, with the move to smart-tv integration becoming especially efficacious. Similar claims can be made with news media, with myriad online channels rapidly becoming the more convenient default.
"Far Cry® 5_20180411222222" (CC BY 2.0) by @yakobusan Jakob Montrasio
With the current and coming changes to multiplatform gaming, there have been questions raised about whether or not a console is even required in the modern age. While the deciding factor of exclusives might not be as pronounced as it once was, the other advantages of console gaming should easily prove enough to guarantee their longevity.

Consoles are more reliable than gaming computers, they're generally cheaper, and their UI and UX are much more streamlined for most users. If all you want to do is play, then these are still going to be a strong contender. They might not, however, be strictly as necessary as they've been before. If you have a great gaming rig, or you live close to major data centers, consoles might finally become more of an optional consideration than a straight necessity.

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