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War veterans blast MDC Alliance hypocrites

by Staff reporter
05 Sep 2020 at 09:30hrs | Views
TOP leaders in the opposition who were always opposed to the Land Reform Programme have no moral ground to lecture the Zanu-PF Government on how to handle an issue that they have always opposed, veterans of Zimbabwe's liberation struggle have said.

Speaking at a media briefing at Zanu-PF Headquarters in Harare yesterday, the ruling party's secretary for War Veterans, Douglas Mahiya warned the opposition, some media organisations and civic society organisations against deliberately misleading the nation for political mileage using the land issue, which he said was irreversible.

"The Government is living up to the constitution of this country. All in earnest as was agreed by the Constitution in which even the opposition parties participated in crafting. What surprises the war veterans is that when we gave people land, the opposition cried foul.

"How can they appear like they are supporting the Government or they are more politically conscious than the people who actually fought for the land? That is hypocrisy. MDC did not want people to get land. However, they must know that the war veterans are also alive to the fact that it is the question of land that has been used by the West to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe, to punish the people of Zimbabwe. There is no way the opposition can start talking about it as if they do not know the genesis of sanctions," Mahiya said.

Mahiya assured Zimbabweans that contrary to the wishful aspirations of the MDC Alliance and its handlers, no one is going to lose his or her land.

"There is nothing new. There is nothing to debate about. No one is going to be removed from their land. It is business as usual. We have a responsible Government which is very constitutional. Constitutionalism is what the President is doing. No one is going to be evicted from his or her piece of land. Zimbabweans should not panic about the new developments," said Mahiya.

Source - the herald
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