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Zimbabwean artistes in Johannesburg vow to invest back home

by Future Moyo
18 Mar 2015 at 15:03hrs | Views
The story of artistes in diaspora bespeak of a life that does not follow a script. Three quarters of the artists who have turned to be household names in Mzansi are still not known back home simply because most of them either ventured into arts industry in Mzansi or departed from home with their arts still at their infancy. However upon realising the talent and tapping a living out of it , the holder tends to think back home where he /she was groomed, thus the psychological stance of  most of our fellow brothers and sisters plying their trade in diaspora.

Johannesburg centres like Berea and Hilbrow Theatre have become homes away from home by virtue of hosting a series of marathon social activities organised by voluntary Zimbabwean nationals in diaspora as a way of uplifting their nationalism. It is from such social gathering that great ideas spring from, whereas people are always concentrating on the political side, we as artists tend to see the artistic side of the things, we leave politics for politicians.

Those who are vested with the history of theatre and Shakespearean drama and have had a glance at Hilbrow Theatre will share with me the feel factor that Hilbrow is transforming to an Elizabethan Theatre centres like Globe. In such centres, week after week audiences came to see new plays and productions, like wise Hilbrow booking book is dominated by Zimbabwean  names. Production after production, function after function, the masses are showered with more aesthetic intakes.

As the fashion goes, Abafana Baka Mzilikazi  -a maskandi group led by lead vocalist Mr. keith Menzi Nkomo based in Tembisa, is currently shooting a new DVD that will be launched in  a special occasion in November 2015. The 12 member group managed by the ever smiling Beven Tshuma, has so far produced three albums namely: Hlehlani Bafana, Ungubabona Njani with  a DVD and Intandane. The DVD is meant for the latest album (Intandane)  and is being worked by the Shilolo Media House. Intandane is a 13 track album, composed by Keith Menzi Nkomo himself serve for  track number 08 & 06,  number 06 is where Bongani  Ndlovu and Newman Tshuma   featured  and  track number 8 has  Bigfoster Nkomose.

When asked about his vision he said, "I to want to see himself ascending like other successful artists, I have more messages and songs to share, I promise more good songs, I chose November for the launch so that I have more time to arrange my things."

Likewise other artistes like Monica Ncube (from Insiza) have raised their hands to be counted amongst shinning upcoming artists.  Monica  has released her debut album- Mount Calvary – (a 10 track gospel hit album). The audiences who attended the Cd launch of Izinkanyezi Zezulu on 7 march were also blessed to see her live on stage and to hear her voice pitching in the midst of Imbube music by the male  singers whilst featuring for Izinkanyezi Zezulu.  

In the mainstream of  what seems to be a gender equality of voices in the air, Vivain Nkiwane and other female Gwanda Artists With a mission have come forth and are set to release fresh albums that will set new trends. The Gwanda Artistes With a Mission is collective of both males and females and say their slogan is: "GWANDA KAWUMNCANE' (literally meaning that 'Gwanda you are not small'), the slogan summarises the intention embedded in their hearts. They vowed to come with more fire in the upcoming Rainbow Province Arts festival scheduled for 08-10 October in Gwanda. This will be their first time to participate there but they said this will be their sign to demonstrate their sense of belonging.

Meanwhile contextualising arts in diaspora will revolve around the politics of the heart and mind, in which the heart is still rooted at home whereas the mind is seeing colourful life in Johannesburg.-the city of gold. Nonetheless the thematic aspects of the productions, shows held back home and the general sayings would tell of artists who have their nation's name written across their hearts. They also vowed to assist the left at homes artists to uplift their brands by inviting them to their global network of arts.

Festivals like Intwasa, Shoko, Rainbow Province Arts Festival and Shangano should expect more applications for entry in their upcoming editions.

Submitted By: Future Moyo - JAMELA - THE PEOPLE'S POET (Facebook),

Source - Future Moyo