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BMK Productions to drop a feature film

by Christopher 'Mawande' Ncube
20 May 2017 at 05:02hrs | Views
Kriss Mvalela 'The Beast'
Johannesburg - BMK Productions will , in the near future, drop a feature film called "The Foreigner," that will see many new faces gaining the spotlight.

Following the success of his dramas and the way people received his projects, the BMK productions founder Kriss Mvalela aka 'Beast,' who will be doubling as a director and an actor ,  said he expects the film to be well received. He also  emphasised  that films are not only there to entertain people but to teach them about the ups and downs of life.

"Life has a lot of challenges. We want people to know that so that they could know how to tackle and solve those challenges when they happen to encounter them. Art is there more like a school where one learns while being entertained,"he said.

The film authored by Kwela, Ryan, Nqobani and Belinda is expected to teach about bad parents who like to interfere in their kids' relationships which leads to cracks between families. Kriss is one of those people who are in the plethora of trying to take arts to another level.

"We are working on this project to show people that only the sky is the limit for those people who work hard. The ball is on our shoulders to make sure that arts is seen as a business that one can make a living from", said 'The Beas' adding that most of the actors in the film will be from his own stable.

He said: "Most of the actors will be from BMK productions. There is no need for us to look for big names because we want to groom talent from grassroots. We trust our guys and we hope they will do us proud because they are so much talented."

Switchbod has learnt that auditions for the film were done way back in April while final shooting will be done in June.The film depicts a problematic father who is fighting with his foreign son-in-law.

"This film teaches us that we must not hate another people basing on their nationality, race or tribe because we do not know where and who will save us when our lives are in danger. Tribalism, racism and any act related to such things should not be accepted", said Kriss.

The hard working film producer said he has every reason to smile as he looks back at his projects and the talent he groomed from nothing to something.

"I thank God for his mercy on me. Though I have not done anything special or big, honestly I am so much happy to see some artists who were not known but after grooming them they are now making their presence felt in the arts industry."

"A doofus leader can lead his people astray while a leader who enjoys a good sagacious line of thinking can lead people to the land of Canaan. I therefore thank my Almighty for leading me. Its not that I am clever or wise that things are happening this way,but  it is God who in charge of my life. He deserves praise", concluded Kriss.

Source - Usungulo Arts