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New MaZimba film out soon

by Staff Reporter
19 Aug 2014 at 18:07hrs | Views
The award winning husband and wife team, Happy and Susan Manyewere, behind the MaZimba movie franchise are surprised by how successful their movies have become.

Their latest instalment, 'MaZimba! Jehovah Chikakarara' will be out soon.
With no prior training in acting or film production, Happy and Susan got into the film industry in 2005 to promote the Zimbabwean filming industry.

In an interview with Bulawayo24 News, Happy said: "I used to have an interest in drama and music whilst at school and have made a few songs which have featured in the movies I have made. 

"I also made videos of some of the songs of which my wife helped me to dramatise them. That is when we discovered our acting talent."

The couple started acting the different scenes for fun and ended up recording a full movie. 

"When we released the first movie, we never expected a large audience of people.

"We were surprised by people's response to the movies and the comments made. 

"A lot of people said they enjoyed watching the movie and found it very entertaining and moving as they were based on real life stories.  All movies are based on real life stories.

"I am a family man and most of my films are based on my experiences or those of others in family matters."

Happy and Susan embraced the challenges of film making and Happy said: "Surprisingly we received a lot of positive feedback regarding our acting ability from people that had watched the videos we released."

"We have both won awards of actor and actress of the year in 2011 and 2013. 

"The awards came as a surprise as we never expected that we could be good enough to win any awards.

"My wife and I enjoy acting together. We have a very close relationship and also work well as business partners. We have been blessed to manage our differences amicably."

Happy said that the first movie he watched was 'Enter the dragon' by Bruce Lee and he was greatly inspired by how Asian produced films "supported action with music."

Even though they do not only focus on life in Zimbabwe, the films are mostly made in Shona and subtitles have been included for those who do not understand the language.

Happy and Susan film some of their scenes in Zimbabwe and they find it easiest to film there because the actors are not as bound by time constraint when compared to UK based actors.

The MaZimba films are currently available to buy only on hard copy and can be sent through the post.

A new website is currently under construction a pay per view service will soon be available. 

To buy a DVD please call:
+44 07800778111/ +44 07939729649

Source - Byo24News