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Zim star's movie causes political turbulence in Ghana

by Singole Makwesi
23 Oct 2015 at 11:44hrs | Views
Ruvarashe Masiyanise on set for Divine Intelligence
'Divine Intelligence', the upcoming epic christian movie aimed at exposing 'Fake' Pastors, Prophets, etc., which starred UK-based Zim national, Ruvarashe Masiyanise, has assumed political dimensions in Ghana.

The controversy stems from the use of  a car in the movie with a registration plate which bears one of the two major political parties in Ghana's name - NPP, in the movie. Since the release of the official trailer of the much anticipated movie, both the two major political parties, the NPP and NDC, have tried to claim that the movie writer and director, Sammy Ankrah, belongs to their party, to score political points.

At a social gathering of Africans in Streatham in London last Monday, some Zimbabweans, South Africans and other African nationalities had to react quickly to diffuse what otherwise would have been an unpleasant scene between NDC and NPP supporters among the Ghanaians in the gathering (who were the majority).

A political argument ensued about Ruvarashe's movie and its director, Sammy Ankrah, with members of both parties trying to prove that the filmmaker belonged to their party. The fight nearly occurred when an NDC member said that if the NPP members insisted that the filmmaker belonged to their party, then it meant then that their own party executive was exposing fake pastors affiliated to their party, since it was a known fact in Ghana that all fake pastors and prophets are affiliates of the NPP party.

This sarcastic statement by the NDC member raised tempers and altered the intensity of the argument which nearly resulted in an ugly scene, but for the timely intervention of the Zimbabwean, South African and other African nationalities present. Meanwhile supporters of the NPP have claimed that the controversial number plate, 'YR03 NPP' is actually a secret code that belongs to them and is connected to their 2016 Election campaign and would release the meaning of the code to the public soon. News about the highly anticipated movie has been published on various media platforms including the main Ghana website, Ghanaweb.

Source - Zim-Zulu Abroad