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Mlambos take the letter to the president straight to Zim

by Future Moyo aka Jamelah
09 Dec 2016 at 06:21hrs | Views
Photo: Fiselani 'SaMangwe' Ngwenya - Mlambos Band leader
Barely a few days after the official reading of the letter to the president at Cosmos City , in a session  that happened on 3 December at Cosmos City Mall, Mlambos Express Band is now eager to continue the readings across the border. The Plumtree-born band is reportedly eager to set new records in music industry both at home and away.

At a time when everyone is anticipating a Christmas gift box full of delicious food, Mlambos serves a simple letter. The trending notion asserts that the letter itself evokes all epic memories. The reading will take you through an emotional plane that when you land you will pinch yourself to confirm if you are still alive. It goes back to even record the pre-colonial era where the king Mzilikazi was still alive.

''This album is something else, this time I must salute Mlambos, these seven tracks cover the seven decades of Zimbabwean life, I like it more when it touches on life in diaspora and its memorandum to the president and traditional leaders. Infact by listening to the album one would ask himself or herself the question: is Ngwenya now turning to poetry or new maskandi type?" said one of the music analysts who refused to be named because of his management role in another rhumba band.

Starting from the 19th of December 2016, the band will be heading to Zimbabwe, on the 21st of December it will have a stopover show in Beit-Bridge, then 23 December Gwanda will be lightened up shortly before Ngwidzi singalong preceding a clash with Clement 'Makokotsha' Magwaza at home ground, where Plumtree residents are guaranteed of a spectacular Christmas present. Plumtree fans would not have asked for a better Christmas present than this.

Meanwhile the same December month will be exhausted as on the other hand there is also the 'Injiva Home coming' show scheduled for the 24th to early morning of the 25th of December. Therefore, like in a relay fashion, Mlambos is expected to take over the button and take off for the finishing line of the December 'jive'.

Speaking on behalf of the band, from the headquarters offices in Cosmos City, Thabani Ndlovu said: "Apparently the letter has been read in almost every corner of Zimbabwean community in Johannesburg and now we feel it's time to take it home. The feeling, attendance, mood, and on our side the energy displayed by dancers was something special."

Arguably the leading rhumba band, whose leadership is not only displayed on stage as in the past, but now also in the studio, backstage, in front of the camera, digital wise and within the communities, so fans must expect a thriller package in 2017.

"We appreciate our fans thus why we even made sure that they win something, for instance people bought raffle tickets for just R20-00 but won prizes like: two trips to Zimbabwe, a five-star hotel booking for a couple, 10 driving school lessons, T-shirts, CDs, all these things are more than the ticket price so we are actually doing it for the love of our fans, otherwise it's just an excuse of giving them mahala," said Ndlovu.

Speaking at the CD Official launch, the Former CCP Record Managing Director and South African music legend Orrack Chabangu said: "Mlambos is one band that will surprise many people, it is the voice of the voiceless, well organised, unselfish and a band that is destined for success. The band has big dreams but these will only be achieved through supporting it, let's download its music online and buy original CDs."

Hailing from Limpopo, Rammoloko Cash loans, also echoed the similar sentiments "we shall be with Mlambos all the time, we have set a Limpopo branch that has a uniform, we wear these T-shirts at our business centre, next year we call again the band to perform there, for now we go all along with the band to Zimbabwe through Mlambos all stress is deleted and sixth sense is rekindled, we get connected with the rest of the world."

On new developments Ndlovu said: "we have launched a Mlambos wallet through which any member can now participate in all our projects, you can contact us and deposit any amount that will be channelled to the relevant projects. Again all of our albums are now downloadable online and branded clothing like T-shirts will be distributed to all appointed agents in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, UK and other countries."

"The shows in Zimbabwe will not be like those historic marathon shows of 2014 whereby we performed in more than 120 different places in a space of four weeks, this time we are targeting strategic points, especially where we have never performed before. Also these shows are a preparation for our trip to another planet that is yet to be officially confirmed once all logistics and legalities have been finalised,'' said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu further appreciated partners and sponsors for unwavering support and these include amongst others:  Delta Coaches, Rammoloko Cash Loan Finance, Answer Driving School, McCathy Toyota Wood-mead, Jonah Festive Tournament Nyabane, Cosmos Mall, KB studios and even families like the legend Orrack Chabangu, Nickson Mlambo, Mandlenkosi Mlangeni family.

"3 December 2016 is the day I will never forget, I even wrote a very long article on it alone, we have seen such in music industry and we hope other players in the field will emulate and even do better things, we just ignited it so we wait to see who is next. For now, we are setting all our eyes on Zimbabwe," concluded Ndlovu.

Mlambos can be contacted via its official Facebook page: Mlambos Express Band, website:

Source - Future Moyo aka Jamelah