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Dead Pose trends

by Mncedisi Nyathi
09 Jan 2017 at 18:39hrs | Views

There is a new pose in the block. It's called the DEAD POSE. This is when a person poses for a photo pretending they are dead. Some dead-posers are damn good at it as the photos look too real to be fake. Props like bloody axes, bloody knives and guns make the photos look like true crime scenes. They do some body art and draw stab wounds, gunshot wounds and sores on themselves. This pose has been trending on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the last 24 hours.

Some have labelled this innocently disgusting.

Dead poses are conversely not something new. In yoga, a "dead pose," "death pose" or "corpse pose" is formally referred to as Shavasana or Final Relaxation Pose (FRP). It is used as a physical stimuli to rejuvenate the body.  Usually a person lies on the back with arms and legs spread wide.

In the Victorian era (1837 – 1901), literally dead people were positioned on stands for what was called "dead photography," "memorial portraiture" or a "mourning portrait."  

"Photographing the dead was common practice. Before the undertaker would come, the family would first call a photographer. The formal name of this kind of photography is Post-mortem photography. The living and the dead would pose together," said Ngqabutho Dube founder of Good Ideas Media House.

"It's true that there is nothing new under the sun; for everything that we see, there has been something of that sort before. It's equally true also that history will always repeat itself though with slight distinctions and modifications," he said

In Palaeontology (study of forensic fossils), "death pose" is when fossils are found in a typical position where the head would be thrown back and the mouth wide open.

We wait in wonder, what other strange things will 2017 bring?

Source - Mncedisi Nyathi

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