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Tytan Exposes Stunner Affair

by Moyo Roy
13 Feb 2017 at 21:41hrs | Views
Valentines day 2017, Tytan surprises his fans with the midnight release of "Bho" a new single and accompanying "movie" of his soon to be releases Album.

The movie stars Tytan the charming knight in shining armor who saves a bride who becomes an unfortunate damsel in distress, played by Nakita Blake, after her soon to be husband, played by Stunner, does the unthinkable!

To act in the video, Tytan had to undergo 150 hours of rigorous training in a crash course of Ball Room and Contemporary dance.

"Being more into afropop, I had to work really hard to grasp the intricate moves and details in a style I have never done. It was painful but so well worth it. I now have the skills and would love to keep training!." said Tytan. "The song is produced by a handful of producers and musicians as each musician brought their own elements to the track." BegottenSUN.

Production is by Nashe (UK), Adrian Tate (from Soul Afrika fame), Yagi Dojo, Tytan himself and BegottenSUN.

The song is different from any song that Tytan has put out before.

The video is by his Mukoko collaborator Mr Elders with assistance from Simon De Swart (Treasure Media) and Charles Mugaviri (Invision Studios) & Takudzwa Nyangani (Portal Core TV).

The movie and song is available now via Tytan's FB page

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