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Mlambos State of the Band Address 2017

by Thabani Ndlovu (Mlambos Express Band Manager)
06 Mar 2017 at 22:32hrs | Views
Thabani Ndlovu (Mlambos Express Band Manager)
Greetings to our Honorable Fans, Friends, Families and Sponsors.

Greetings to Mlambos Express Band leader Fiselani SaMangwe Ngwenya.

My greetings to one of the Directors and Organizing member Mordicai Sa Ambie Ngwenya, to Israel Masuku in the UK, our Guitarist Obvious Dube, Mthandazo Cuteboy Ncube and our Drumist khulekani MaBoyz Ndebele.

I extend my greetings to the Stage Operators, Maqhawe Mude Ndlovu, Bandlululo Mfanakanyoni, Ian Smith Sibanda and Amkela Amzoe Ncube Masabayi.

My warmest greetings to the Technical Team Luckson ‘Mhofu' Mpofu and Themba Ndex Ndebele.

I greet the Head of Security John Makhwela and Social Media Team Leaders Felix SaMadue, Andile Mgutshini, Khue, Sis Phili Moyo, Sthe Ndlovu, Charity 'Mangwe' Ngwenya, Ishmael Khue Ncube, Mthulisi Mkhimba Ndlovu and all The Mlambos Fan base Crew.

Greetings to our Brand Ambassadors all over the world and Mlambos Marketing Teams everywhere.

Special greetings to The News Makers of every News Paper, Journalists, TV and Radio Station Presenters. My gratitude to all the DJs and everyone who plays a big role in promoting our Music.

Warmest greetings to all Band Managers, Promoters, Sponsors, all Artists, Band Members together with your fan bases.

I feel very honored to be the one who is mandated to brag about the Band Of The People on this state of the Band address. The year 2016 was a very difficult year in arts industry especially for the music side, rhumba to be specific, as such it saw many rhumba bands ending the year without any new releases in hand. However as for Mlambos 2016 was a year in which  we achieved everything in our plan in the face of adversity.

As per our norm last year we released two sizzling albums : Eziqed' aMazwani Vol 3, by Mlambos Junior Band known as Mlambos Stars and Dear President by The Super Legend Fiselani Samangwe Ngwenya.

EZiqed' aMazwani Vol 3 was a hit and soon became the pride of our Fans and families. The word from the street was that the main album by the super legend -SaMangwe was not going to match the level of the juniors as they had raised the bar far too high for anyone to reach. Little did they know that The Super Legend was working on a world-class collection.

Above all they forgot to ask themselves a simple question: who is the producer of Eziqed' aMazwani? It is none other than The Super legend himself who will never allow any substandard project to reach the public. We therefore congratulate the Boys for a stunning job well done. Thank you SaMangwe for giving your Boys this opportunity for it is a rarer practice especially in rhumba circles.

DEAR PRESIDENT is a prestigious album that exceeded everyone's expectations. It all started with an unusual advertising strategy that bombarded everyone's senses by causing waves and making headlines across all media platforms that grabbed everyone's attention including the parliaments and politburos.

Every reader and journalist wanted a piece of the story about the ‘letter to the president, and the obvious top question was on the first name of the president being addressed to.

This Album became the speak of every town and village across Africa way before the date of its release. Information about the details of the letter became a very special assignment to some other people whose living is heavily depending on such researches. We are sorry to those who might have been fired from work because they failed to deliver the information on time, we apologise for such inconvenience, we would have loved to give you but the band was preoccupied with studio work.

Articles about the Letter To The President were seen in as far as Nigerian Newspapers, Switchbod Arts Magazine, Bulawayo 24News, Zimpapers family and every Citys Newspapers prior to its official release.

Then when it was finally released, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms were flooded by the breaking news of Cosmo incredible happenings.

That was all because of a stunning marketing strategy by The Super Legends team . I applaud the Mlambos marketing Team that consists of branding gurus , media experts and marketing consultants headed by Future Moyo aka Jamelah.

Last year on the 3rd of December 2016 at Cosmo Mall, Mlambos Express Band gathered fans from all walks of life, some coming from as far as, Limpopo, Witbank, Durban, Johannesburg and surrounding areas, Zimbabwe, Botswana only to mention some.

The Band of the people was launching its hit album (Dear President ). The event was prestigious and massive. The set up was a wow with air conditioners blowing all over the Cosmo Mall parking cooling down the raving fans, it was beautifully organized.

Those that attended will agree with me that luck was all day long knocking on their doors throughout the show as Mlambos Express Band -The Super Legends gave away many worthy prizes that consisted of the following:

Weekend Holiday Away for two worth over R20000 in a Durban 5 Star Hotel, courtesy of Today's Destiny (a Chemical Engineering Company ) owned by Sir Mlangeni from Witbank.

Answer Driving School (a Driving School owned by Mr Ndebele we Masendu Boys (a Rhumba Elite that has existed amatshe esancwebeka) gave away 10 free lessons, free professional advice and Qualified and experienced instructors for one lucky winner, Courtesy of Driving School (a Company that cooks safe and very professional drivers of tomorrow)

Bus tickets for two (to and from) your favorite destination in Zimbabwe or South Africa, Courtesy of Delta Couches (The best travel experience you can imagine).

A Weekend Holiday Away for the whole family in Magaliesburg worth over R10000 in a 4 Star Hotel , courtesy of Mlambos Express Band (iQembu elifaka uGesi Ku Khanye yonk' indawo).

Many fans won t-shirts, DVDs, Cds and hampers as they answered questions by Mcs.

Saturday 03 December 2016 was indeed a day to be remembered by many!

Entertainment was a top drawer, the performances were thrilling From as early as 10 am with Mkhosi (The most entertaining and original Mthwakazi Maskandi Champion) challenging the Mlambos Stars, then followed the Super Legends who managed the stage till 8 p.m. when Mlambos Express Band The Super Legends drove Crowds mad with their thrilling performances. The MCs also gave a two men show that non can forget, these were none other than Dj Mongezi Moe-shaba Mpofu and Future Moyo aka Jamelah.

Following the launch, SaMangwe and his Team for the 3rd time in a row since 2014 sat on number one position in many house hold's top 20s. The fan base multiplied and the former haters repented to be our brand ambassadors who soon showed signs and symptoms of "Mlambosiosis disease" by displaying Mlambos pictures as their profile pictures across social networks. They changed the bands pictures more than the band members themselves. Maybe it's time to consider their recruitment into our marketing team because they have shown their capacity and determination, indeed they are born again at Mlambos family.

It was on the 3rd of December at Cosmo Mall that we introduced the Mlambos Wallet. Mlambos Wallet is a Bank Account that was opened with you (public) in mind. Anyone from anywhere in the world can now directly donate money to the Band.

The money will be used to sustain the bands projects and to neutralise the forces of piracy whose agents only serve to harvest where they never planted thereby ultimately pressing many artists to live below the red poverty datum line.

Christmas parties were not celebrated without the album Dear President , Parties and weddings continued for days exceeding the original programs. At home steads, at fashion shows, shops, in cars, at taxi ranks, in locations and everywhere around towns it was Dear President and every tongue singing the song. Houses were officially opened and weddings took wild directions as the beat went on, in Limpopo they said in their language: Moshito o tswela pele (literally meaning the beat goes on).

The excitement was uncontrollable and such programmed and spontaneous shows followed.

Shows kicked off in Gwanda township on the 22nd of Dec 2016. The shows dubbed the Mlambos night shift continued for 12 nights nonstop. The boys demonstrated high level of fitness, extraordinary creativity and love for their job and made sure that their persistence was way too high for even Cyclone Dineo to reach.
23 Dec - Gwanda Nkwidze
24 - Bulawayo
25 - Plumtree Nyabani
26 - Kezi Mpoengs
27 - Tshitshi Fumabadze
28 - Mpandeni Mhlotshana
29 - Plumtree finder finder
30 - Plumtree Manguba
31 - Plumtree Nopemano

01 Jan 2017 - Khame
02 - Luvuluma
In all these twelve shows we experienced amazing attendances that we have never even imagined with our small minds.
In some of the areas people held hands together in order to keep to their friends and families because of the number of people that had attended (kwakungu mhlabathi) some of the areas that surprised us were Khame -a village situated northwest of Plumtree town, Nkwidze- located Northeast of Gwanda town, Mabuledi in Mpoengs- a Village where our late Legend Thuthani Suppah aka Mabharetha was born near Botswana and Zimbabwe Border of Mpoengs.

The show at Mabarethas homestead (Nopemano in Plumtree) was arranged only for the family as there was special visitors from Natal but how villagers sneaked in I don't know. At around nine, people were already showing signs of a possible stampede. The same applied to Manguba in Plumtree as well. From a tourists perspective ,one could think that the whole of Zimbabwe was gathered in Manguba that night.

Nyabani near Plumtree town cannot go unmentioned. It was a rhumba derby that witnessed the clash between Magwaza and Mlambos. Blow by blow the audience was treated to an unforgettable extravaganza. Our fans were overhead saying: Kwaze kwamnandi ukuba yiMlambos (it's nice to be Mlambos).

However despite all the excitement and achievements the bands faith was tested somewhere. The test came in form of a road accident that happened alongside N1 road on our way to fulfil the Zimbabwean marathon gigs. If adversity had vanquished destiny then today we would be saying once upon a time there was a band called Mlambos

The accident itself also made its way to mainstream news headlines and as such cant go unmentioned. It shocked our sponsors and all members in our brand fraternity.

We are all lucky to be alive although there were two casualties that were taken to Polokwane Provincial Hospital by Ambulance and later discharged. We rejoiced when they were discharged from Hospital and declared fit to continue with the journey.

Although the bars and our canopy were all broken into pieces, not even a single bone was broken. We only witnessed minor bruises. The Members have since recovered. For we thank God for his mercy on us. We know that other people when faced with such calamities tend to suspect acts of witchcraft and so forth, however as Mlambos we are a Christian based entity and strongly believe that it was God's timing cord to prove our faith in him, hence we blame no one for natural happenings.

At this point we can confirm that all members are now ready for the new DVD shoot.

The DVD that was partly financed by Ramoloko Finance -a Mlambos family based in Limpopo that also donated a Double Cab Ford Ranger after the accident for the Band to continue with the Tour Of Zimbabwe.

We value our relationship with Ramoloko Finance company. We value their effort considering the fact that they are a South African Company behind the success of a Zimbabwean Mlambos Express Band in the face of the stubborn Xenophobic encirclement.

We value Ramoloko Finance, they are part of our Band (family) because of their commitment, dedication, involvement, time and money spent attending Mlambos matters. They have sacrificed a lot for this band, and they even pressurised us to shoot the dvd for the sake of our fans.

During the Zimbabwean tour , we had a stop-over show in Gwanda were we were requested by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe on the 22nd of December 2016 , to stage a piracy awareness campaign. In the NACZ's agenda, The Super Legends were to put emphasis on Piracy to the Jaundas.

SaMangwe emotionally educatied the people about piracy, and also said :
"As long as you still buy a CD for R10, $1, P10 you are worse than the Devil, you are destroying the lives of our musicians at the same time destroying the future of music. It is in everybody's hands to preserve our culture which in this case is our music."

Uzaphela utshabalale umculo omnandi wakithi ngaboma 10 10 besapotwa ngabantu abangaboni ikusasa labantwana babo.

The Matabeleland South Provincial Programs Officer for National Arts Council of Zimbabwe- Honorable Percy Vela also assisted us alongside the exciting theatre director and Zezane based teacher Mr Dickens Sipho Mathe, to organize roadshows in Gwanda. Through them, Mlambos and the Community managed to embark on road shows around Zimbabwe in a bid to create piracy awareness and to engage law enforcement agents in fighting piracy.

While piracy has turned our musicians into street kids, Social network dwellers are giggling, insulting and making fun of Artists in every WhatsApp group and Facebook pages.

I appeal to everyone using these platforms to destroy musicians to rather consider using these platforms to promote their fellow brothers and sisters in arts business.

In 2016 Mlambos was for the first time registered in the mainstream Digital stores. A Big thank you goes to the veteran music promoter and now Vice President of Global Digital Box , honourable Orrack Chabangu for his expertise and technical guidance.

Today, anyone anywhere anytime in the world can now access Mlambos Music by Googling and downloading from Digital stores that include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Mtn Music, Vodacom Music, Spotify, Simfy Africa only to mention a few.

Introducing Mlambos music to the international market has assisted us in getting our international fans on board. Our investment on Digital Stores is yielding great profits for The Band.

Using the digital music statics we are now able to measure all results and make SWOT analysis for a strategic marketing campaign. As part of our observation we just discovered that Namibia is topping our online music downloads, it is leading by 55% followed by South Africa, Botswana, UK, Zimbabwe and then other countries.

These reports revealed that all African Countries are getting along well with Mlambos Music which narrates a great future and endless programs for the Band. This is indeed paradigm shift in our music business and arts sector as a whole.

With this in mind we are shifting our planning for the next few years to match the demand. By the same token Mlambos Express Band has a desire to make Mlambos Music available in isolated areas like rural areas and other regions to meet the demand.

Honorable Members Mlambos will provide Entertainment to be enjoyed by everybody so that you are not alone in your homes just because we care.

In 2016 Mlambos introduced yet a Mlambos Express Band Website that is in a World class level We encourage all Mlambos fans to learn quickly how to use it, it is a very useful tool to access your Band's information including:
 - When is the next show
 - When was the last show
 - Dates of previous shows
 - Google News on the papers
 - Posted band News
 - Listening online
 - Writing comments
 - See photos
 - Access Facebook
 - Access You Tube
 - Google anything on G.News
 - See info about the Band
 - Meet Band Members
 - Contact details etc
Mlambos opened its year with a survival show at Hilbrow Theater on the 4th of February. The venue managers , fans, and everyone included did an exceptional job. Likewise the boys never disappointed on stage. Then when it was time to tell the story about the accident itself people were overwhelmed by emotions. Indeed Mlambos is loved by people.

Barely a month after Hilbrow show Mlambos was again seen at Ds Lounge on the 4th of March . The show itself was also a spectacle and we would like to thank everyone for such a pleasing attendance.

Future plans in brief:
 - Mlambos is going to release a sizzling new Dvd
 - We will be launching a Mlambos Magazine
 - Eziqed' aMazwani Vol 4 coming soon
 - Release of The Main Album
 - Botswana Tour
 - 25 & 26 March -Polokwane Double show, Blood River Daring.
 - 16 April-Dumms (Plumtree)
 - April-Zim Easter Tow (book now)
 - Gwanda Nkwidze 15 April 2017
 - Program of the second Quarter will follow soon

In ending I would like to thank each and every one of our fans who have been there for us from the beginning up to now and all of them that boarded at different stops on the way.

I would like to assure you that you are in the right bus.

We will not let you down, we have better experience now to take you on a smoother ride.

This year we will be entering the awards competitions for the first time and we are counting on you to vote for Mlambos Express Band.
Together we are aspiring award winners.

Thabani Ndlovu (Mlambos Express Band Manager)

Source - Thabani Ndlovu (Mlambos Express Band Manager)