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Macheso hits out at critics, attracts record crowd

by Staff reporter
25 Apr 2017 at 09:31hrs | Views

Alick Macheso has described as ‘pub talk' claims that sungura music is losing lustre and will soon disappear from local showbiz.

Macheso said he has been reading such reports as well as coming across people arguing that dancehall and contemporary music are taking over the market.

He, however, is not losing sleep.

Just as well, his tour of Masvingo confirmed sungura is still popular.

"People came in numbers, don't undermine these figures and that alone is a testimony how strong sungura music is in Zimbabwe. It was good seeing you in Beitbridge and here (Masvingo) so that you give a true reflection of what is truly going on.

"Those claims that sungura is fading is pub talk, folktales, inhaurwa dzekuti vanhu vatandare vachinwa mhamba.

"You don't need to take all stories from street corners seriously, they mislead you. Actually I've never heard sungura fans saying that," he said.

Macheso however, acknowledged dancehall's rise.

"We can't deny that dancehall is doing well. We can't run away from the fact that other musicians who don't sing sungura are doing well but not then say sungura is out.

"Chinopera isipo kana magetsi ekujusa, eh you're forced to go buy another token kuti urambe uine mwenje, not sungura music. I believe everyone pursuing the genre is doing well. I personally believe that every artiste is Zimbabwe is doing well.

"We'll all go and leave it at the same level, this is the driving force," added Macheso.

Macheso is on a countrywide tour as he gears up for the new album.

The show in Beitbridge at PaGomba Café had an estimated 2000-plus fans attending.

In Masvingo, where he was sharing the stage with Soul Jah Love, police details at one point approached Macheso's management with the intention of closing the entrance for security reasons.

The venue, Ritz Complex, accommodates more than 1500 fans and it was packed to capacity.

Meanwhile, Macheso will not get carried away by such huge turnouts.

"These fans need a rare treat, they need to feel the value for their hard earned money and if it means performing the whole night let it be.

"I would say that's a secret behind these big crowds. That's the secret why people who saw me performing five years ago are still coming."

The entertainer said he will never allow fans to complain about his time on stage.

He usually lasts six to seven hours on stage.

"Perform until the fans are going home, treat them until they're satisfied not kuvanyemudza.

"I also urge my fellow musicians to perfect their acts, to have more concentration on the instruments.

When you see numbers declining at your shows, usanotsvaga muroyi just improve your work. That's the secret.

"You'll see them (fans) coming back again. You'll perform before packed venues again," he said.

In Beitbridge, some of the fans travelled from Musina and he was humbled by the gesture.

"Others crossed the border to come and see us performing and that is greatly appreciated."

Macheso sampled new songs and is happy with response.

"When we're performing old songs, they'll (fans) be dancing but they pay attention when we introduce new songs. The response, however, is overwhelming," he said.

He has already performed Midlands, Bulawayo and Manicaland where the turnout was also good, according to his camp.

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