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Jeys Marabini and Mlambos Express Band strike a deal

by Christopher Ncube
03 May 2017 at 12:03hrs | Views
JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwe's Jazz music star Majahawodwa Ndlovu has build a working relationship with the Rhumba outfit Mlambos Express Band  to uplift the standard of music in the Matebeleland region.

Ndlovu, popularly known as Jeys Marabini in music circles, is currently in South Africa where he would meet the Mlambos manager, Thabani Ndlovu, to fine tune the details of how they will work together.

V.P of Global Digital Box -Orrack Chabangu (SA) with ZIM musician Jeys Marabini at Sandton

"I am in South Africa to meet the Mlambos band  management so that we can sort out one or two things. I was really impressed by Ndlovu's (Mlambos Mananger) plans. He is such a wonderful man with direction and focus", said Kozekulunge band leader adding that he loves Mlambos music and their energy when they are on stage.

He told Switchbod Arts Magazine that their core aim is to work together with other Zimbabwe musicians to uplift the young musicians.

Apparently the union comes after the two have been signed by the same online distribution company called Global Digital Box. The company has been signing musicians across Africa and its Vice President Orrack Chabangu, a South African businessmen and a strong fan of Zimbabwean rhumba music described Jeys as a blue diamond that needs to be safeguarded for the benefit of African heritage.

Confirming the new deal Mlambos Express Band manager Thabani Ndlovu said: " yes we are having a project with our legend Jeys Marabini, it is a pleasure to work with him. As a band of the people we are open to anybody who comes onboard in the name of developing our arts. Jeys himself was once described by one professor  as the pride of Bulawayo,hence having him is a blessing to us and we know that we will tap into his experience inasmuch as people will also learn a lot from this collaboration. "

In addition Marabini said that shows pitting him with Mlambos would be held in the near future as they want to walk their talk. A book written by Future "Jamelah" Moyo that outlines the life of Jeys Marabini as a musician and his social life will be launched alongside a band magazine for Mlambos- The Super Legends crafted by the same writer.

The man who enjoys a good following because of his good music has opened an academy called Jeys Marabini  music academy that teaches how to use  the music instruments. He wishes to see an improved quality in-terms of music in the region so that the artists can compete with the world.

"We need to work together if we want to uplift each other in this industry. My collaboration with Mlambos will see us reach more people in Zimbabwe in particular and the world in general.I encourage all artists to work together for us to reach our goals."

Marabini is one of the few artists who enjoys giving back to the community where they were bred and born.

"There will be a festival that will be held in Filabusi to promote arts and ensure that I give back to my community that has supported me to be what I am today. The name of the festival is uGodlwayo Yithi," Marabini said.

According to Marabini, the budding artists should shun their tendency of imitating the foreign cultures. Marabini believes by doing that artists would not grow because their fans are not used to foreign cultures.

"Lets promote our things. Once we do that people will not shun us because that's what they know.  Rhumba rocks everywhere where there are Zimbabweans because its their music, that's why you see people filling the halls to capacity at rhumba shows than at Maskandi shows," Marabini elaborated.

To show his humanity and degree of maturity, Marabini never stops praising other artists.He leads  by example in showing that unity can see artists achieving their goals.

"We have got great artists such as Charlie and Martin of Ndolwane Super Sounds and Magwaza , just to name but a few, who are sticking to our usual rhumba music. By so doing doing they are therefore enjoying a good following.'

"Patience is needed in this industry. You don't plough today and reap tomorrow. Once one is organised and patient, then there is no doubt that we will see people releasing top quality projects", concluded the Filabusi born star.

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Source - Christopher Ncube