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Macheso reflects on career

by Staff reporter
09 Jun 2017 at 15:18hrs | Views
TOP musician Alick Macheso turns 49 TOMORROW and has no plans to throw in the towel unless God or his fans ask him to quit.

Macheso has spent 34 years in music, as, he ventured into the music industry at the age of 15 in 1983, and feels he still has a lot more to offer.

In an interview with H-Metro in Harare on Thursday, Macheso said his life, apart from music has been full of hurdles.

Macheso said his life is a tale of different stories that will make readers cry at the same time laugh. He will be celebrating his birthday at Tanza Centre in Chitungwiza on Saturday and at Club Las Vegas on Sunday supported by an array of artistes.

He is humbled by the support he gets from fellow musicians though he spoke more on his musical journey.

"The road to success shouldn't be smooth. You should have something to share and you can't share the good things only, people won't remember it. The squabbles make the journey interesting, I went through a lot to be here," said Macheso.

For starters, he is a father of eight and two grandchildren, which he described as the greatest gifts God has ever given him.

"Firstly I want to thank God nekutichengeta nechipo chemhuri. I've eight children and two grandchildren. I just want to thank God for that.

"I will be celebrating the birthday with my fans this weekend but I also want to thank my family. Musikana wangu ari kumba uku (wife) and my children, ndovaisindiimbira makore ese aya and this is the day I feel loved," he said.

And despite turning 49 on Saturday, he feels he is getting stronger with age, something he attributed to his stage work.

"I feel like I am growing younger, not older," he said.

"I haven't changed the size of clothes for more than 10 years now. My weight has been between 69 and 72 kgs for those years.

"I'm only particular with my health and that is something that keeps me strong on stage," said Macheso.

Macheso said his biggest advantage is that he sings sungura and dancing to his music is enough exercise to keep him strong.

"Imagine dancing Borrowdale for more than eight hour, that's enough exercise and I urge those who do gymnmtics or exercises to use sungura songs. So while I am entertaining my fans, I'll be exercising.

"The type of food is also important. My favourite food includes fish, okra mufushwa, road runner and harurwa.

"Harurwa are antibiotics (laughs), those are some of the things that keeps me going strong. Also not forgetting God himself, he is the provider of everything.

"But I would say the food I eat is very important," said Macheso.

On the road, Macheso does not intend to throw in the towel as long his fans still want more.

"I will only stop when my fans say enough. I'll rather have my last breath in studio," he said.

Baba Sharo, as the musician is fondly known, has credited three people, Selestino Dzawo, Shepherd Chinyani and Nicholas Zakaria Ibr his success in the music industry.

He also said his debut album Magariro remains his best so far though he believes Simbaradzo has also contributed a good share on his success.

"Magariro ndiyo nhanga ruvazhe, that's the beginning and it remains the best and Simbaradzo did well.

"Those albums define Macheso, if you listen to songs like Gogogoi, Amai VaRubhi and Mundikumbuke, you can understand what I am trying to say," he said.

And in terms of the new album, Macheso said his fans should expect new stuff end of August.

He said his current team is doing well in terms of compositions though he didn't rule out the chipping in of other veteran instrumentalists.

This was after a talk that Innocent Mijuntu is expected to put a hand on the forthcoming album.

"So far I am happy with my team; they are very eager to come up with the best.

"However, the door is open and let it be clear that we are not inviting anyone to come. If anyone feels he wants to contribute, we first listen to his sound and if it's okay with other guys, we take it. We're not selfish at Mberikwazvo," said Macheso.

Asked about the secret which made him remain on the top since he ventured into the music indushy, he attributed it to a unique sound.

"I pay attention to the instruments my guys play to make sure that they are new and unique.

"Always make sure that you give the fans new stuff and I feel that this line is linked to Pengaudzoke, I make sure that it is deleted for good," added Macheso.

And ahead of his birthday celebrations. Macheso has praised people like Pardon chimombe, Gorge Mukova, Daniel Masaiti, Alfa Tronics and Club Las Vegas for their help to come up with the events.

The sungura giant believes Peter Moyo has now found the right groove and he should prioritise music.

"I listened to the album, it's a good project. That is the real Utakataka sound. He is in the right direction and my advice to him to prioritise music and not take it as part time.

"With more time, he will match the standards of his father, but as Peter Moyo, he has discovered the sound of Utakataka," he said.

Macheso also spoke on FAHEEM SOMANJE whom he has been scouting and he believes the young man is still doing well despite keeping a low profile.

"He is one of the promising talents we have so far. I can guarantee you that Faheem is destined for stars," he said.

Source - HMetro