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The rebirth of Sandra Ndebele

by Staff reporter
29 Sep 2017 at 06:37hrs | Views
The one thing that surprised Sandra Ndebele during her time in the studio recording the song, Lizwile, is how quiet and reserved kwaito star Professor was.

On his hit records, the South African musician has always exuded calmness, spitting out verses with the assured deftness of an experienced hand. His choruses, which have dominated most festive season hit tracks down the years, are often as unhurried as his lyrical bursts, allowing him to deliver catchy melodies that complement the dance tunes that he usually chooses to shine on.

However, as a star that belongs to the world of kwaito, a genre that often reflects the grittiness of the dusty, rough and tough townships of South Africa, few expect Professor to be so serene.

"The one thing that I remember most about him is how quiet he was. It really was unbelievable. When you think of Professor, you would be expecting something different but when you see how quiet he is, it's just stunning. He is also humble and down to earth but what definitely stuck out for me was how quiet he was," said Sandra Ndebele.

Stories from those that had the privilege of being there during that famous studio session tally with Ndebele's version of events, with many insiders said to have been taken aback by how shy the musician was.

While she was surprised by her South African compatriot's laid back character Sandra, who is set to release their collaboration on Friday, said that it had not affected his prowess on the mic. According to Ndebele, The song was finished in record speed.

"He's an amazing musician. For such a star he is a hard worker. We did everything in two days. So we wrote the song and recorded it before anyone had time to breathe.

"Usually it takes some time to put together collaborations because you make a small part of a song, shelve it come back to it later. It was not the case with Professor," said Ndebele.

As December approaches, Ndebele will be hoping that Professor's famed festive season magic will rub off on her, as the kwaito star has a reputation as a man that always supplies a few hits for the party filled months of December.

However, the country's erstwhile queen of dance also has a different and more important purpose with this latest song.

Ndebele has been in the process of rebranding herself as a viable urban musician, drifting from her tradition sound of old. The traditional attire is gone, only to be replaced by jumpsuits and heels.

"It has all been deliberate on my part. I wanted to rebrand myself and take my career to another level. Fans will see more of it with time because I really want to spread my wings as a musician," she said.

Ndebele added that she had more tracks like the one with Professor in mind.

"I'm looking beyond Zimbabwe and I want to be a star beyond the country's borders. This is why I worked with Professor and have to work with more musicians like him in future," she said.

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