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No squabbles among Andy Brown's children, says Ammara

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Winky D speaks on album

FOR the longest time, Zim Dancehall icon Winky D has launched his albums towards the end of the year but save for his next offering.

The Ninja president is set to launch his new album Gombwe-Chi Extra on 2 February which comes with great news for the "Gafa" fans as it will be a double celebration.

The long awaited album launch will be coupled with the Ninja's birthday bash which will be held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

"I really felt that I had to do something special for myself and the generality of the population who subscribe to the mission of my musical journey. The best way to spend a special day is to dedicate the interactions to those who believe in your potential, irrespective of how much you have erred in the past," the "Gafa" told Sunday Life.

"Fans have, over time, asked for a festivity on my birthday, this is one of the reasons why I chose to do this launch on my birthday, and it is in the same spirit that we hereby grant their wish through hosting this event," he shared.

Winky D said the message on this album is premised on society's daily lives, the good and the bad.

"The objective is to uplift those who perceive their circumstances to be death sentences, after all hope has been taken away, to strengthen the resolve of those who are at the nadir to one day reach the zenith of their aspirations all in peace, love and unity" he said.

According to the Ninja president, the forthcoming album is different from the other albums in that he tackles a lot of different social issues.

"The difference between this project and the preceding albums is that in the past, I took the delivery as a way of communication with those who related with ghetto mode of survival alone. However, on this one, I endeavour to facilitate understanding and acceptance of different realities and the need for reciprocation between the different groups with varied backgrounds," Winky D said.

Winky D said this time around he is moving towards a "higher order of formality and authority" in terms of musical expression.

"This album is a dariro (a shona word for a place where people are given a chance to showcase their work) and is aimed at opening up spaces for discussing how to strengthen attainment of human values among ourselves while at the same time giving heed to flexibility towards consensus," he said.

According to the Ninja president the voice of the fans is inviolable and the excitement of the "Gafa" fans has so far been well documented in both the streets and social media trends which show that the response of the album has so far been positive.

Winky D urged fans to look forward to the total Gombwe package which has pretty much everything for everyone.

Source - Sunday News