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Upcoming artist Levison Mwazvita aka Sun Killer drops infectious anthem

by Tidi Kwidini
09 Apr 2018 at 22:32hrs | Views
Rising dancehall artist, Levison Mwazvita, better known as Sun Killer has released his first single Kurehwayi.

Orphaned at a very young age of 18 months, Mwazvita was discovered on the streets of Harare by Melody and Simbarashe Chinouriri the founders of Chinouriri Entertainment and within four months of meeting the talented singer-songwriter they signed him and his first album is being produced by renowned Zimbabwean producer Oskid.

When his parents passed away he went to live with his grandmother until his sixth grade and then went on to live with his aunt.

In July 2017 Sun Killer released his single and music video Kurehwayi, a song he has dedicated to his mother.

Mwazvita started singing in 2009 when he was in his final year of primary school. "I had never recorded professionally. I just sang in school and as my confidence grew my passion for singing grew.

The first song l sang in front of a school crowd was called Kune vanhu vanongomaka and everyone loved it," he said.

"As I started to mature and discover my passion, I decided to focus on music when I realised a lot of people thought I was talented and enjoyed it. My music can be painful to listen to because I sing about my troubled upbringing , the loss of my parents when I was nearly two years old resulted in my grandmother raising me under difficult conditions," he added.

Mwazvita was encouraged not to let his talent go to waste and record his music. However, financial challenges at the time made it hard for him to fulfil his dream. "There were a number of people who kept pushing me to get studio time and get a single or album out there but at the time, I could not afford to go to the major recording studios and had to settle for one that was within my price range," Mwazvita said.

In 2016, he visited Oskid, determined to find someone who would take a chance on him and help make his dream come true."I met with Oskid and asked if he could hear me out and take a chance on me. He was very impressed and said he would give me a discount because of my financial circumstances and determination to produce a single.""I didn't have that sort of money even after Oskid discounted me but I told him I would be back and I went away more determined than ever to make that money," he added.

It was during this period that Mwazvita started a small business washing cars and selling products for cars on Five Avenue in Harare, to save up for his single. "Every opportunity l got, l made sure l gave my clients a glimpsy of who l was and what my passion was by letting them listen to my music or by freestyling for them." Mwazvita met the Chinouriri's in February 2017 and they were impressed with how talented and determined he was.

"I met Mr and Mrs Chinouriri in February 2017 and tried to sell them my products but they said they had already bought something similiar the day before. Eventually during our conversation, l told Mr Chinouriri that I was a singer and he asked me to sing for him and a few minutes later l was singing for them both. They were stunned and wondered why l was not pursuing music as a career," he said.

Mrs Chinouriri, who had just laid her own mother to rest, is said to have connected with the rising star when he told her that the song he was singing was dedicated to his late mum. She said meeting Mwazvita a few days after burying her mum, made Melody Chinouriri emphathise with him and also realising how young he was when both his parents died really broke her heart. She took a photo of him and his telephone number and promised him she would get in touch. She contacted him when she was back in UK and sponsored him.

Chinouriri Entertainment is a record label scouting for talented young boys and girls and helping them record albums.

"I am so grateful to the Chinouriri's for taking a chance on me and for the team who are behind my single and impending album. I am looking forward to what the future has in store," said Mwazvita.

He is currently managed by Lorraine and Christabel (UK)
Instagram: @lorraineloves
Facebook: Lorraine Chinouriri
and Hillary Mutake (Zimbabwe)

Mwazvita is currently working on more songs and finalising his album due for release IN 3 MONTHS TIME
His music in recent months has received regular airplay on local radio stations and his latest single and music video have received positive reviews.

You can listen to the song he dedicated to his mum below:

You can also like the facebook page Chinouriri Entertainment for further updates and further sponsorship opportunities

Source - Tidi Kwidini